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    Piticon Questions
    March_mommy2be posted:
    I tried researching information on pitocin, and the only thing I've really come across so far besides Yahoo Answers (those people are idiots) was a webpage that even though they had facts, you could tell they were Anti-Pitocin, therefore everything they had to say about pitocin was negative, all the stories were horrifying, and it just wasn't the information I was looking for. If anyone knows where I can find good, unbiased information regarding this I would really appreciate the help.
    EarthMama09 responded:
    heres a website about birth stories: Maybe that helps? It is a really controversial drug, so it may be hard to find some positive or non-biased articles about it. I've only given birth once and did have to have some pitocin during labor. I don't know what its like without so maybe I'm non-biased? I dunno : ) I wasn't progressing after being in labor on and off for three days, and my water broke on a friday morning. Finally Sunday night I was given Cervadil because I kept opening to 4 then closing to 1, in hopes that Pictocin drip would be started onday morning. the cervadil did the trick most of the way, then they needed to supplement with Pictocin. Like I said I haven't given birth w/out it so I don't know what contractions should be like but they were'nt too too bad. I could have never delivered without it because I just wouldn't open up. I used no pain medication, was in final active labour for 7 hours, pushed for one, and felt like a rockstar the next day. Of course I am not an advocate for drugs or medical interventions and hope I don't need anything this time around, but if it is the last resport and a safe way to get out my LO I'm game. Good luck on your quest for info, mama!
    March_mommy2be responded:
    Thanks for the link Chrissy :smile: I've been reading birth stories about everyone saying that if you have to use pitocin you will need the epi or some other pain meds so it was nice to see someone saying that it is possible to do it without. Thanks again!
    lilmamaNH responded:
    I don't have a link for you, but I do have a few bits of info that might help. Pitocin is a synthetic form of the hormone oxytocin that your body would naturally produce during labor. Like synthetic estrogen and progesterone in birth control, it's not exactly the same as the stuff your body makes, but it does the job. Oxytocin binds to pain receptors in your brain, and pitocin doesn't. In english, the natural hormone blocks pain but pitocin doesn't. Having pitocin by itself does NOT increase your risk of c/s. When all other factors are removed, it's about the same risk either way. I had pitocin with DD and I can tell you it does make contactions harder, faster and with less time between. So I would at least discuss pain relief with your OB/MW in advance. It's easier to plan for meds and not use them then not plan and try to get them. Truth is, labor hurts like heck, whether or not you have pitocin. I've done it twice without so much as an Advil (though I asked for drugs both times, too late to get them). How much depends on lots of factors, including the size of baby, size of your pelvis, your pain threshhold, length of labor, quality of support you receive, and especially what position you labor in. Fear increases pain perception, so learning as much as you can is a great idea. Just try to put it all in perspective. HTH.
    ShaRaew2006 responded:
    This info is all so helpful!! I am being induced tuesday and I was wondering the same thing! Thank you!
    Larich_408 responded:
    Sorry I don't really have any info except my own personal experience. I was in labor for 2 days without an epidural. third day I got pitocin and I would have DIED of pain if I didn't get an epidural!! I don't know how anyone can get pitocin and not the epi and I feel bad for the women who actually do it. It's complete torture! :crying:
    bacibaloo responded:
    My first labor I had an epidural (water broke naturally & went in at a 4cm dilated) and had a mostly pain-free labor that lasted from 8 am to 6 pm and I was 37.5 weeks. My second I went in after water broke and was 5 cm dilated & having contractions. I got the epidural, and soon afterwards the contractions slowed down. Since I was clearly in labor and couldn't go backwards, they gave me pitocin. When it kicked in, it basically cancelled out the epidural. I went from a 5 to a 9.5cm dilated in about 2 contractions. I was almost yelling at my husband to go get the nurses/doctor because I knew that they had just checked me, but I also knew that something had changed big time. And I was right. But I survived the pain. :) That labor was from 8 am to 3 pm, and I was 38 weeks. It's true that once you give birth, you almost immediately forget about the pain. So relax, and don't worry too much about it. If the doctors feel that you need it, they will give it to you, but most women don't need it.
    kelsaifi responded:
    I've never needed it, but DD #1 had to have pitocin with both of her girls and she went through all of labour and delivery without any pain meds. I honestly don't know how she did it since she's such a baby when it comes to pain, but she told me, you did it, so can I. I was there both times, and I know it was hard for her the first time, but she got through it without any death threats! I think she was just so tired of being in labour for so long, anything to get the process going and progressing that she put up with it. Good luck!

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