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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Days left..
EarthMama09 posted:
Allright ladies- where are you in the countdown?

37 Days till term

58 Days till EDD

Coming fast!!!
bridgettecoldwell responded:
3 Days till term

16 days till c-section.
swinga responded:

75 to term and 95 til edd....that doesn't seem like all that long now that i see it!
lmg0412 responded:
Past full-term

18 more days until EDD

please oh please come soon!
Brittanylikesyou responded:
Term = 6 days, 3 hrs

EDD= 27 days, 3 hrs

LMaar responded:
Term = 44

EDD = 65

It still just sounds like it's far away...I like thinking Aug is half over and then it's just Sept and I'm done lol
asheets304 responded:
75 days til' full term and 95 days til' EDD!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!
kathrynLuekemeyer responded:
14days til term 45days til eed
jodysauer responded:
31 days til term

52 days till EDD

Has been going by sooooo fast!!!
kelsaifi responded:
17 days to term 33 days to EDD
jlbelknap responded:
35 - term 56 - EDD
natandjustin responded:
39 days til full term

60 till EDD.

I can't believe how much closer we are. I remember someone doing a countdown on 2nd tri boards when I we were on there and I was like 160 days till EDD. I can't believe we'll be having our LO's so soon.
salsacookies responded:
Let's see

31 days till term

45 days till EDD
pegs7 responded:
19 til EDD - hurry up already!
topazorchid responded:
11 days till EDD - my vag hurts and I have cramps.

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