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strong pulsating feeling in abdomen
apmorsman posted:
Has anyone else here experienced this? I am 38 weeks pregnant and have recently starting getting strong pulsating sensations in my upper abdomen. It's not hiccups, I know what those feel like. This is a constant pulse. I notice it when I'm sitting down. The baby is still moving so I know he's ok. and Wondering if it has something to do with the umbilical cord. Any thoughts?
Sarah1714 responded:
I'm not sure what it is but wanted to let you know that I get this too.
DelandMommy responded:
I had the same thing but towards the bottom of my abdomen on my side. I asked the Dr and he said that with all of the blood directed towards the uterus it isn't impossible to for it to get its own pulse.
bigred_08 responded:
not sure about upper abdomen, but I"m sure you maybe can feel it there, your placenta has its own heartbeat, I found this out because at a appt w my midwife she was listening to babys heart and was like huh that seems lower then usual and moved the doppler over to the other side of my belly and picked up a much louder faster heartbeat, she was like oh I had your placenta I had no idea it had its own hear beat but I guess anything pumping blood could have some sort of "beat" and or pulsing feeling...
bnick13 responded:
I have it too!! It is a kind of weird feeling!
apmorsman responded:
yeah it's kinda scary and annoying at the same time! I was mildly freaking out ~ thinking something was wrong the umbilical cord. But it sounds like it's pretty common. Thanks for all of your replies!

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