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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Poll :: Days Left
LMaar posted:
WOW! It seems like a LOT of ladies got their LO's this past week(end)...So for the rest of us left waiting.... * Days till term? * Days till EDD (or induction/csection)? I'm 18 days till term and 39 until my EDD! This cannot go by fast enough!
hawaiigirly responded:
aLready teRM! 14 days til EDD!!!!!!!!!! w0000000 h00000 :smile:
liz81888 responded:
oh my god! 74 more days why did you have to remind me lol! i cant wait to get my body/life back, and meet my baby girl! hopefully it comes out a girl and doesnt turn into a "spike" hahaha
brandi07michelle responded:
45 til term!!!! 66 til EDD!!!! WWWWOOOOOO :goofy: :ooh: :pbpt:
klflmf0510 responded:
15 til term!! 36 til EDD!! I cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mandy617 responded:
*2 days til term *23 days till EDD :pbpt: I'm so ready for this to be over and have my lo!!!
swinga responded:
too many..... 48 til term 69 til edd
Danielle4C responded:
32 days til term 53 days til EDD i can hardly believe that i have less then 8 weeks left! getting closer and closer!!! :-D
SasWarah05 responded:
Already TERM! 10 days until term OMG almost to single digits!! WOW I cannot believe my time is almost up...but wishing it was up last week ha-ha Sarah(22) Brian(22) EDD 9/24 Baby Boy-Christian Thomas!
LadeeEmpress responded:
13 days till term 36 until my EDD I am SO READY!
k_slowe responded:
Term TOMORROW 14 days till EDD!!!!
erinw601 responded:
I reached term today! Days til EDD: 20! Wow - looking back time has FLOWN by!
Kristine1984 responded:
It does seem like many ladies had their babies this weekend!!!! I am already term and have 16 days left until my due date. I am so excited to meet my little man =) Kristine (25) Guy (30) DD (6) DS (2) EDD 9-30-09 Blue Team Samuel Laurence 1 cm and very soft as of 36 weeks.
Butterflylove85 responded:
Days till term? 27 days Days till EDD? 49 days
Gorika responded:
36 days till term 57 days till EDD Less than 2 months now!!! Not ready at all - Wow I have a lot to do!

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Me (38), DH (40), DS (13 months) EDD 6/22/12 PINK TEAM YAY!!! :-)

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