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Extra Strength Tylenol?
misundastQQd posted:
I've been taking it all along during pregnancy, and this morning I read something that someone had posted on a different website saying it can cause birth defects. I've been through a bottle already. Of about 40-50. I try to only take it when I have to, but I get bad headaches. :asleep:
Jazz1088 responded:
Really? My doc told me it was ok to take extra strength since i get really bad migraines and for my body aches.
mommeeof3 responded:
Dr opinions vary on Extra Strength. My dr recommended it for me, since I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I guess it depends on the dr. I took it during my 1st pregnancy and he came out perfect.
Queenjen87 responded:
My dr. said extra strength was fine as well. He even said if I'm taking the max allowed each day everything would be fine. I don't take them that often, so I doubt if your not exceeding the recommended dose each day that anything would be harmful to the baby.
brittany1012 responded:
Most drs only say the regular strength, but as you see, with alot of us we get headaches or have other issues that one regular Tylenol is NOT going to take care of. I take it for a back condtion that I have and my LO is healthy as an OX so far (weighing in as much as one as well. lol) Im going to say as long as you arent abusing it or taking more than the recomended dose on the bottle, your just fine. No worries. H&H
misundastQQd responded:
:sheepish: Thank you Darlings. I feel better.

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