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HIVES out of nowhere...and swelling
Qnscheme posted:
since yesterday afternoon, i have been experiencing hives. i never had them before in my life. and i didnt eat anything out of the ordinary. i used a new lotion for the 3rd time yesterday and am not sure if a reaction takes that long to show up...but i showered after i got all itchy and then i was better, but its showing up again tonight. i dont know if random hives are a symptom of pregnancy? also my feet got swollen....i dont know whats going on. anyone experience anything similar?
Lovin_my_babies responded:
Hello! I have never experienced hives during pregnancy (Thank God) but i do know how horrible they feel (i am allergic to latex, and that is one of the reactions, if i have a large amount of skin contact w/ it.) anyways, i looked it up for you, and here is a website that i think has some pretty useful information. Apparently it is normal, but only 1% of pregnant women get hives .. :eek:
Qnscheme responded:
thanks shayne for the article. its odd that something that affects 1% of pregnant woman would occur to me. i am neither on my first pregnancy, nor carrying twins (the article states its more common in those pregnancies)...i will have to call my dr to see what i can take. i have been using calamine lotion and childrens benadryl to control the itch, but i'm not exactly sure if the benadryl med is ok. thanks again!
kim_ian_baby2 responded:
so... I'm not sure how to help with your situation but....... I just found it very strange that our sons were born the same day 1-29-07 and we are due 4 days apart this time around and may vry well end up having our babies the same day again lol were are you from?? I'm in RI.... I hope the hives go away for you... i've been itching like crazy but don't have hives or a rash of any kind so i can sort of feel your pain but i'm not exactly sure what hives feel like.. If they are worse than random itching then I feel very badly for you... :( good luck
symbolicangel responded:
I don't really have any advice for you, but I just wanted to pipe in and say that according to my midwife Benadryl is perfectly safe. She told me that it is a category B drug (same as Tylenol.) I've been taking one Benadryl tablet a night to help me sleep and to clear up my constant stuffiness, though I'm still pretty stuffy :-(. I hope you get some relief soon!
Qnscheme responded:
thats a crazy coincidence about our edd for both ds and our new babies :) im in not 22 though (wow, young mom! good for u!!) 27. hives are pretty bad...its nonstop itching EVERYWHERE and u get tiny red bumps...not fun, esp if u cant figure out the cause! anyhow, good luck..keep in touch...i'd love to know when u end up having ur girl :)

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