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Intense Tailbone Pain
hzsqjc posted:
Hello ladies, I am a first timer and I was just wondering if this is normal or if it could be some pre-labor contractions. I've had a few conditions so it's kind of a miracle I have made it this far in the pregnancy to begin with (35w6d) and delivering now wouldn't be a really big shock. Anyhow, my baby has been in position for weeks and still is, he has dropped, I'm effaced and slightly dilated (don't know exact numbers). But today I walked around the zoo for about 2.5 hours and then got home, did all my last minute baby laundry and packed his bag for the birth center. After I finished all that I had to go to Wal-mart and started having VERY intense tailbone pain that comes and goes in waves and my stomach keeps getting hard, weird thing is I only notice part of my abdomen getting hard not ALL of it like with Braxton Hicks and it's definitely not him moving. Could this be the infamous "back labor"??? I always imagined my stomach would be just as hard everywhere like with BHC but this isn't that way, I have a high pain tolerence but when my tailbone starts hurting I can't walk through it, it catches my breath and the pain leaves through my legs oddly enough. I'm confused and don't feel like calling my midwife or L&D until I am more certain about what's going on. TIA!!!
tcoop0911 responded:
I haven't had the "joy" of back labor, but I thought I had heard that it kinda starts on your sides, like below your ribs. If it were me, I would call L&D because a call can't hurt anything. Good luck.
grnidprncs responded:
I agree with pp,. any time you're having pain that you can't talk through that is usually an indication that calling and/or getting checked might be in order....and contractions can radiate through your thighs....Good luck!
mommyshell2 responded:
I had back labor with DD and it was felt in my sides, across my lower back from hip to hip and down to the tailbone in waves like you're describing. I would definitely call and talk to your midwife. I had no idea that it was back labor when it happened to me. lol I was just sleeping and waking up every hour thinking it was just pain from being huge and laying on my side all night. :sheepish: Good Luck! Let us know what you find out.
hzsqjc responded:
Well I went in to be monitored for about 3.5 hours, was having contractions that were 3 1/2 minutes apart but not getting stronger, causing any real dilation/effacement, getting closer together or stopping. They sent me home to be uncomfortable here and told me "since it's your first you may just need to get used to this pain because you could be feeling it for days"... Praying, that it DOESN'T go on for days, I'd rather be in labor and have it stop for a few days before it's time than have non-progressive back labor for DAYS... Please just if you pray keep me in your prayers. I'm praying this baby either come ASAP (today, tomorrow even....) or that the labor totally stop because I really just can't do this for days, I can't even sleep because of the discomfort. I know I am only 36 weeks and it'd be best to carry one more, but it seems my body is wanting to labor and I assume it knows if he's ready better than me or a due date prediction. I am currently a fingertip/maybe 1cm dilated and barely effaced so this could be a LONG road.
mommyshell2 responded:
Oh hun thats awful! I'm glad you got it all checked out though. I'll be praying for you for sure. I hope that the back pain stops soon for you. Michelle
Abhat1203 responded:
Sorry that you're going through back labor :( I've heard that its associated mostly with a posterior baby(though head down baby is facing your front). If that is the case these contractions will be helping your baby to turn in the right position(anterior) even though its not productive in dilating. You can also try to stay on all fours and see if he turns(since back is heavier, gravity will turn him if he's not engaged too deep into your pelvis). I feel, once the baby is in right position you'll progress soon. Lot of labor vibes to you. If you want to read a bit about optimal fetal positioning check this site Good Luck! :)
hzsqjc responded:
LOVE! I have been doing pelvic tilts all day on and off, it feels like it is pulling my contractions more to the front as it SLOWLY adjusts him forward. From everything I have read it probably will go VERY fast once he's in position and can correctly engage. Especially with cntx every 3.5 minutes - I am still contracting at that rate, thank-God it's not sped up since it still is mostly in my back. Apparently with posterior babies it takes a LONG time to dilate and efface because the babies head when in the correct position will help dilate & efface you more. Just a word of forewarning, all you moms whose babies are in perfect positions - START DOING PELVIC TILTS NOW! He was in position for weeks and it wasn't until this week (the one I went into labor of course) that he turned.

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