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Fetus retaining fluid on brain
nina106 posted:
Hi, I am 26 weeks pregnant and in our last U/S we found that baby has some fluid on its brain. My doc said nothing to worry and will have another U/S to make sure the fluid is drained or its not increased. So far everything went very well overall in my pregnancy..but then with this now, I am just so worried. I would like to know if any one know anything about this type of condition in fetus.
M_Owen responded:
I'm not familiar with this type of condition in a fetus, but I have a cousin that was born with water/fluid around the brain....she has Hydrocephalis. So, she's severly mentally handicapped, but has been a HUGE blessing in the family. My aunt ended up having a c-section because her head was too big to come out vaginally. She was my aunt's 3rd child and she is one year younger than me...she just turned 31 in Dec, and I'll be 32 in March....anyway, I don't want to scare you or worry you, as I'm sure technology has improved TONS since 31 years ago and there may be several things they can do to drain the fluid now, while LO is still inside you. Just make sure they keep a close eye on you both. GL & try not to worry too much.
floridasportsmom responded:
Well I am not sure if this is the same, but my LO had what they called a choroid plexus cyst in his u/s, and we got sent for level II screening and I was scared to death the entire mid-section of my pregnancy. It ended up going away by week 30, and from what I read on the internet many times these things do clear themsleves up. I also got diagnosed with the lateral ventricles being too large (which is related to hydrocephaly also) and so I was seriously scared to death. But every thing they have looked into is totally cleared up now. As of the last u/s the ventricles were perfect "nice and tight" the doc said, and no cysts whatsoever. When I actually read some reports online, it seems that these things actually occur many times in preg and are not seen, so they clear themselves up and no one ever knows about it. Keep thinking good thoughts, and my prayers are with you that everything resolves on its own....
annoymous1988 responded:
My son showed fluid on his brain at 32 weeks but he's perfectly fine it went away on it's own. My ob said that it's common for that to happen. And that most of the time the fluid goes away on it's own either before they are born or soon afterwards!
nina106 responded:
Thank you all for responses and info..will update you after my U/S next Tuesday.

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