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getting shocked while pregnant
babywilt posted:
I was trying to change an outlet in the baby's room and I was shocked when I touched a metal section. I am 32 weeks pregnant and although i don't think there's a problem, some reassurance always helps. Would it hurt the baby in any way?
emily8091457 responded:
Not 100% sure... but I guess it couldn't hurt to call you OB. I do know that my DH's friend has a sister that went to flip a circuit breaker when the power went out and she got a pretty major shock. Not sure if there were any complications for her during the rest of her pregnancy (I think she DID go to the doc though) but anyway, her son is fine now. So it's pry okay... but I guess I'd call just to see what they say. I'm paranoid like that.
yzzil2103 responded:
I got a pretty hefty shock while not pregnant. I was at work and shut the power off to my building and the one next door (retail stores). I waited an hour before coming to terms with there was possible issues and went to ER. I was on heart monitors for 5 hours and ended up with muscle damage to my arm. So it never hurts to be looked at if you have been shocked! I didn't really feel mine when it happened. I realized it later when my arm started shaking and my fingers turning blue!
SophiasMommy08 responded:
I would call your OB and see what they say, thats why you pay them and your insurance pays them. I wouldn't take any chances though, more than likely things are just fine but I would want reassurance from them!
Mercedes1982 responded:
Lurking from 1yr old Board...

I think you should be fine and so should your LO...If you need reassurance call your doctor thats what they are there for

My MIL gave me an electric grill when I was pregnant, so I decided to cook steak...I was barefoot, and I got the biggest shock I started crying cause I got so scared for the baby...I called my OB and she said to drink some water and lay down for a little...She also said monitor the moves...
startrekkin28 responded:
it would depend on how bad of the shock it was, how many amps and volts that went through you and where it went through you. Electricity is a dangerous thing but it does not necessary have to hurt you or your baby. I teach electrical safety to elem kids.

So what I would be looking for if I were you, is baby moving okay? If baby is moving like normal, then I would be thinking baby is fine.

But I would check with dr as well. If nothing else but they monitor the baby to make sure the baby is happy.

barrelracer26 responded:
hello, im 1 day shy of 11 weeks and this is my first pregnancy, i was at the mall an got shocked when i put my hand on the escalator. could that have any harm to the baby.F01?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to barrelracer26's response:
Hi Barrelracer26 and Welcome!

Yikes! Please talk with your doctor about this to make sure all is OK.

Here are a couple of other discussions that address this same experience. One even has a response from, Dr. Atlas, one of our Pregnancy experts.

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Keep us posted with how you are doing,
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