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Listeria Question
melissajc82 posted:
Hi - I just went to a baby shower (for myself) and they served croissants with deli meats to make sandwiches. I have heard that deli meat may carry listeria, but I was starving and didn't want to be rude so I ate some. Now I am feeling nervous, was that an awful thing to do? Do you ever eat deli meats? What are my chances of getting sick? TIA
j9ween2 responded:
I eat them all the time. W/ my first I don't think I had any, w/ #2 I ate it probably less than 10 times & now w/ #3 all the time.

Of course there is a small chance but don't stress about it. You were hungry and needed to eat
jlenn responded:
The "no cold deli meat" thing is just better be safe than sorry advice -- deli meat *can* carry listeria, but almost always does not. On the unlikely chance that it does carry listeria, it affects you whether you are pregnant or not; it's just that, obviously, when you are pregnant, catching this would be more serious. But it is not as if deli meat itself suddenly is more dangerous. So don't worry, you are probably fine. For my first two pregnancies I had no idea deli meat should be heated up first, and I ate it cold all the time. I think a lot of people do. Of course, it's safer not to, but my point is just that the chances of any of the meat actually being contaminated is really very low.
Timsgirl4ever responded:
I have read in several books including "What to expect when you are expecting" that it is not a real big concern. When I asked my doctor about it he said it is fine to eat deli meat. HTH
Timsgirl4ever responded:
FYI Listeria can also be found in soft serve icecream!!
scperdomo responded:

You have the same chance of getting sick with Listeria when you are not pregnant and when you are pregnant. You don't have an increased chance just because you are pregnant. The chance of even getting listeria is very small, but reason its a "big deal" is because of what can happen. A regular person will get food poisoning, throw up, etc... a pregnant woman can possibly miscarry (among other things). That being said, I ate Subway all the time...... and when I talked to other moms 99% of women I talked to had never even heard of not being allowed to eat lunch meat. Just another restriction meant to protect us and ends up causing a ridiculous amount of worry. IMO
MicheleVH responded:
It's one of those things that's blown out of proportion by drs. If you google listeria during pregnancy, you will find that you have a higher chance of getting it from VEGGIES than from lunch meat. Also, only about 600 pg women get listeria every year, whereas something like 6 million get bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy. I'd be a lot more concerned with getting a vaginal infection during pregnancy than listeria, a vaginal infection can 'hide' very easily during pregnancy and go undected for a long time, causing all sorts of problems. Whereas if you were to get sick from eating something you'd know it within hours.

I've eaten cold meat sandwiches, cold meat on salads, tuna, shellfish, etc during both my pregnancies with no trouble. Some women prefer not to take the chance though, which is fine, it's a personal choice.


Mrs651 responded:
I've heard from all kinds of sources, books, internet, magazines, etc, that all types of deli meat has the potential to carry listeria. However, when all you crave are roast beef sandwiches for a month straight, it's difficult to deny those cravings! I would have a sandwich at 900 in the morning, then have another for lunch around 2. I did this for a month!! I did purchase actual meat from the deli and had them throw away the first couple of slices. I've stayed away from the prepackaged meats though and have only purchased meats from the deli. Although any lunch meats can carry the tiny risk of listeria. I've also stayed away from Subway, Larry's, etc. I think they are gross anyways.
EmmWood replied to scperdomo's response:
Actually, I have read in several reputable articles that you are 20 times more prone to Listeria infection when you are pregnant as when you are not. Here is a link to a super interesting page with plenty of comforting information:

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