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Birth story!
sugarhi posted:
Our baby boy was born on March 1st at 5:30 pm. He was 7 lbs. and 20 inches long. I started having lower back pain the night before but it subsided. Woke up later at 4 am with stomach cramps which continued so DH and I went to L & D. They monitored the contractions for about one hour and then sent us home - contractions were minor, irregular and far apart and I was only a cm dilated. I felt like an idiot. They said to come back once they got more intense. Well, about four hours later at 2:30 pm, we were back at the emergency room - I was having intense contractions for about a minute and they were coming every three to four minutes. They checked me and I was almost seven cms! They started an IV right away so I could get an epi and three hours later, DS was born! I did end up having an episiotomy so my nether regions are still very sore. DS is breastfeeding well but I am planning to pump so that he can take a bottle when he has to go to daycare in May. DD is adjusting but thankfully she slept through the night even though DS didn't. Oh, one other fun thing: on our way to the hospital the second time, DH ran a stop sign and got pulled over! As soon as the cop came to the car, DH apologized and explained that I was in labor. The cop couldn't have run back to his squad car fast enough, yelling, "No problem! Good luck!" over his shoulder. I think he was worried about having to deliver the baby himself. Anyway, best of luck to all of you wonderful mommas! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancies and rest up as much as you can!
help1977 responded:
What a great story. I'm glad everything went so well. I laugh just thinking about that cop running away. Congrats!!!!
dylansmumm responded:
awesome,, thank god you made it in time for the epi lol,, good luck to you and congrats
Jess92483 replied to dylansmumm's response:
Congrats on the lil boy!!
Jill_en responded:
OMG what a funny story!! So glad everyone is healthy. Congrats!
esollenberger responded:
Congratulations on your baby boy! My husband is a cop and I could see him doing the exact same thing that cop did!! Great story!
Kristy1019 responded:
Congrats on your little man!!!! I'm glad you labor went by pretty fast (although, I bet it didn't feel that way to you!). Too funny about the cop pulling you guys over-I'm surprised he didn't escort you to the hospital ;)
NewLO responded:
Congratulations Hilary!! So exciting! I can't believe you have your little boy in your arms already :) Great birth story, sounds like everything went pretty smoothly. Glad to hear :)
marshac01 responded:
Aw Congrats! Hope everything continues to go well for you!
k8lynn0428 responded:
Yay!!! I'm so happy for you all!!! Congrats! Great story about the cop. That is one to put in the baby book! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
EileenBoek responded:
Sounds like you had a great delivery - Boy, I would love to find out I was already 7cm when I got to the hospital! Congratulations on your precious new little one. Let's hope that we all have great stories like yours soon!
sarakraut responded:

I hope to be posting mine soon...
ChristinaTT responded:
Congrats! I love the cop part! My EDD is today / tomorrow / Sunday so hopefully I will have a story on soon!

Me 28 DH 27 DD #1 - 5 DD #2 - 3 EDD #3 3/4/10 Yellow Team!

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