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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

Useful Things:

  • See what's happening with your baby and your body — right now.
  • Get trusted WebMD information and track your baby's milestones with the WebMD Baby app for iPhone and Android.
Itzbeen timer
fsuchick1976 posted:
If you don't have it on your registry yet, I highly recommend the itzbeen timer. I didn't have this with DD1. We would just write down when we fed her or changed her. With this timer, I don't have to do that. It lets me keep track of four different activities - diaper changes, feedings, sleep, and an activity of my choice (I use it to keep track of when I take my meds). It's so nice to be able to look at it and know how long it has been since the last feeding or diaper change. Definitely handy when you are sleep deprived and don't remember anything.
NewLO responded:
Sounds neat, is it available everywhere? I've never seen one before....
orin34 replied to NewLO's response:
It is available at target for $25 it comes in a variety of colors too.
LinaJean replied to NewLO's response:
Also at BRU for $25
faeriegirl1982 responded:
The web site thinkgeek has it on sale right now for $19!
Jess102600 replied to faeriegirl1982's response:
Yay! It's on sale somewhere!! I've been wanting one and didn't get one for my shower. Guess it's time to buy one :)
rie82 responded:
Also, anyone who has an iPhone there is an App called Total Baby and it does all of those great things too. The App was cheap (if not free can't remember) but lets you keep up with diaper changes, feeding, naps, baths, and you can add your own categories too. It also has a section for a diary, milestones, and doctor reminders. Just thought I would let you girls, I can't wait to use it!!!

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