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Birth Story
moniqie23 posted:
Noah Thomas was born on March 2nd he weighed 6lbs. 14oz, and was 19in long.

On Tues. morning I woke up early because I started to notice my contractions getting closer, about every 10 min. or so, and I felt a ton of wetness down below, went to the bathroom and I had the biggest mucus plug I'd ever seen. So I got the kids up and get them ready for school sent my 4 year old to his aunts and DH and I were off to the hospital at about 10am, I stll wasn't in pain, just a little uncomfortable, so we get there and I was only 2cm and still my cervix was far back and long, the Dr. oncall tells me that I'm not in labor and I should go home and just come back for my scheduled induction, which would have been this past Thurs., kinda disappointed, but I knew that I was in the early stages of labor, so being that my DH works the shift I had to drive us back home, on the way home I started getting some really bad contractions, so we picked up some lunch, we ate and DH went to bed so that he could get a little bit of rest. So while he slept I started cleaning up some, I decided to take a shower and freshen up, I felt all icky from being checked earlier, and while in the shower my contractions went from 10 min apart to 2min apart and very painful, I woke up DH with my moaning, and by this time it was about 2, I started losing control of the pain, they were coming soo fast and were right on top of eachother, so we got MIL to pick up the kids from school, I was gonna wait till they got home, so I could kiss them all but just couldn't wait i felt like the baby was gonna pop out at home, so we drive alll the way back to the hospital (30 min). By the time we got there I couldn't walk anymore and Dh wheeled me in, and we were taken back right away. I was 4 cm at about 4pm, I decided to get the epi at about 5pm I had told the nurse that I usually go really fast after getting to 4cm and that I'd probably be complete by the time they got the epi in, so she decided to check me again before they put the epi in, I was already at 8cm, only an hr and 1/2 later. I still needed to get antibiotics because of my positive gbs, so they got that started and I had to have at least 4 hrs of the antibiotics, so they didn't break my water and had me lying flat on my back till 9pm, I had a nice surprise my midwife made it in time to deliver the baby, so right before 9pm my water broke and after 3 pushes baby Noah was here, he's soo adorable and alert, he was nursing like a pro right after they got him cleaned up, he's a good baby, he has tons of hair. The Dr. that had told me I wasn't in labor earlier was still there and after my midwife had come in to deliver the baby, she came in too thinking she was gonna help with the delivery, but the midwife wouldn't have it and told her this is my patient and I'm gonna deliver her baby, I was glad she said something cause I was about to and it probably wouldn't have been as nice, but all in all everything went well and my baby and are all happy and healthy.
NewLO responded:
Congratulations on your little Noah :) It always amazes me when the Dr. thinks they know more about our bodies than we do!! I'm glad things worked out so nicely for you and you didn't need the induction! Enjoy your son. Take care and maybe I'll see you on the newborn boards one day!

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