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Painful painful pain, help
Temeritee posted:
Just wondering if I need to call L&D over this or see if this goes away. To start out, I took tylenol about 45 minutes ago, and took a warm bath right after, I just got out. I've been having cramps in the lower right part of my stomach at night, one night they lasted for about 3 hours, it was mainly constant with painful throbbing.. and it was while I was lying down. I started having that pain again this evening, in my stomach as well as the top of my thigh. It's a really heavy pain and, while the pains aren't like labor contractions, they make me stop in my tracks to try to be able to breathe through them, and I pretty much look constipated when trying to deal with it. I remember breathing like that during labor, before the epidural (which is the wrong way to breathe during labor, lol). It hurts very, very, very badly and I haven't felt anything like this yet (This is my third baby). I do have symphasis pubis dysfunction so I know it is a pain different than that. Now, I have a dr. appointment on Wednesday, Would you stick it out til then or call L&D? I don't know if I'm just being a huge baby over this or if it's something to really worry about. But of course, I'm going to worry about it until I know it is nothing. Thanks in advance!
NewLO responded:
I haven't heard of that type of pain so I am wondering if you should just go ahead and call.... Do you have any discharge? Can you feel the baby pushing on that side (maybe hitting a nerve?) Are you constipated? -sometimes bowel spasms can be one sided and very painful... Any other symptoms like nausea or fever? So hard to know what's serious on the internet; I'd call and see what they recommend you do - always better safe than sorry. BTW when are you due?
mommabear3502 responded:
Call LD and ask a nurse there what you should do. I've never heard of it, and they may want you to go in to have it checked.
Temeritee responded:
I am having discharge, lots of it! I can feel the baby move, her feet are higher than this pain, her head is down already and her butt is above my belly button,or around that area anyway. I'm not constipated at all. No other symptoms, and btw, yeah left out something important, I'm only 29 weeks. I'm due May 24th.
stubbypig2004 replied to Temeritee's response:
I had similar pain myself just a week ago, woke up in such pain on my right side down by my pelvic area...I could breath, couldn't speak, couldn't walk very well.
We called and they sent us in. Did every test they could and ended up (so they think) I pulled a muscle :-(.
so now I can't work or do much of anything until the baby comes.
airjeremal responded:
I def would call. Just to be on the safe side.
Temeritee replied to stubbypig2004's response:
L&D last night said it sounded like I pulled a muscle or the baby was pushing down on a ligament around there. I'm going to call my dr. today and let him know.

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