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32 Weeks and gained only 10lbs
An_216587 posted:
Hi, I am 32 weeks with my third child. I am 34 and currently weigh 145. So far, I have only gained 10lbs total. I am a bit worried. I also still don't have the swollen/sore breasts. Could that be normal? With my first two pregnancies, I gained 20-27lbs, and my babies weighed in at 8lbs 13oz. I was reassured the baby is fine and my diet is good. But I am so worried that something might be wrong with my baby girl. Can anyone relate?
DeNeekosAlmostHere10 responded:
I can so relate. At 34 weeks i barley look pregnant i look like ive eaten one to many doughnuts and only gained 25 pounds to my already small frame. DOnt worry about it. if your OB says your good most likely youre just thinking about what happended to you with the last two pregnancies.Remeber each pregnancy is different so take it easy okay?
Jess102600 responded:
I've only gained about 10 pounds at this point. At the appointment before last, I was only up 3 pounds, so the other 7 pounds have been gained in the last two weeks. My doc didn't seem concerned because most of it is water weight at this point and since I don't have any other issues, she wasn't even really worried about that. As long as your doc isn't concerned, I wouldn't be either.
MissRaylene replied to DeNeekosAlmostHere10's response:
Thank you so much for your response. It's so good to know that I'm not the only one. I read your posts and I feel a little better. I just can't help but worry. Maybe my little girl is just going to be "petite".
MissRaylene replied to Jess102600's response:
Thank you for your reply. How many weeks along are you?
wilburlbh responded:
im 34 weeks & have only gained 14 pounds. but doc said shes not worried about it. im sure youll be fine!
MissRaylene replied to wilburlbh's response:
Thank you so much :-)
dazed1212 responded:
i can relate to you. i am 31 weeks this monday and as of 2 weeks ago i have only gained 6 lbs.Total for the whole pregnancy. i see my dr. on tuesday for a check-up. i think i look small my belly really isn't that big. but my little girl sure is moving alot.

i will let you know after my tuesday appt and see if i gained any more weight.
MissRaylene replied to dazed1212's response:
Thank you for your response. I went to my doc last week and have not gained a pound. We did an ultra sound. She looks great! She is constantly moving around. I was told that It was okay that I have only gained 10 lbs at 34 weeks. I will go back again next week. Hopefully I will have gained a few more healthy pounds :-)
Mathis24 responded:
Hi, I am 28 weeks pregnant and have lost 10 pounds and have only gained 5 pounds back from what I have lost. My doctor is not worried.

To help you out... My LO is 12 mos old now and when I was pregnant with him i lost 30 pounds and gained 5 pounds back. He was born healthy, he was 5 pounds 7 ozs a little small but other then that he was just fine.
MissRaylene responded:
So here I am at 38 weeks. I am up 5lbs, for a total weight gain of 15lbs. The Doc tells me everything is fine. But to be honest, I'm not too comfortable with that. Especially when everyone tells me that I am still so small to be at 38 weeks. So I am just a little bit worried. I have an ultrasound next week to take measurements of the baby. Hope that eases my mind a bit more.
cowgirlup96 replied to MissRaylene's response:
Hello I was over weight when I started. I started at 213 and my last weigh in on monday was 198. I am continuing to lose weight but my belly is getting bigger. They said the baby is fine. I will be 31wks in a few days. The baby weighs 3lbs 1oz on monday. I wouldnt worry too much.
cruisechk6 responded:
I have been really bad this pregnancy. With my last pregnancy i only gained about 21 lbs the whole time, and had a healthy little girl 7lbs4oz. This time, i lost 18 lbs and have only gained 11lbs and i am 34 weeks today and to top it off think i lost another 2 lbs but can't ever tell because the doctors scale is always different then mine. :) But he moves alot and i feel fine, fine as much as fine can feel. I also don't have the swollen or sore breasts either.
wilburlbh responded:
i was worried about my weight gain too. & i am 38 & 2 days along & havnt even hit 20lbs yet. i think im 18 or 19. but my doc hasnt been worried about it this whole time so i think youll be ok. if your worried about it talk to your doc.
Debaroonie replied to wilburlbh's response:
I 28 weeks 2 days & have gained 10.4lbs. As long s the Dr is concerned I wouldnt worry. My 3rd baby I only gained 12lbs my whole pregnancy & he weighed 9lbs 11oz so you just never know.Good luck

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