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Baby William is Here!
kathyfayre posted:
William Orion (we made a last minute name change) arrived Sunday March 7 via an unplanned c-section. Perfectly healthy and cute as a button. 7 lbs 4 oz 21 inches long.

My contractions started at 8 pm on Saturday night and we went to the hospital at 4 am. I wanted an epidural as soon as we got there, and they confirmed that I was at 4 cm. They didn't want to, but from what I've seen 4 cm is usually the earliest they will introduce it, and I wouldn't take no for an answer. It was like the text book version of what can go wrong after getting an epidural. Instant fetal distress - his heartbeat kept crashing with every contraction after the epidural and the pitocin started. I developed a high fever. They tried lowering the pitocin, moving my position, but no improvement in the baby's response. So I very sadly agreed to the c-section.

My biggest concerns were breastfeeding (I couldn't even hold him until after post-op which was 4 hours after birth) and the recovery (my husband is also physically unable to lift heavy stuff or do much due to 2 herniated discs and a pinched nerve in his neck).

But fortunately, breastfeeding went well and we're now in the thick of it - which is exhausting!! The recovery has been okay although I have to say that I was getting frustrated that DH can't do much - even changing a diaper kills his neck, but he'll do it occassionally anyway.

I didn't sleep for over 50 hours - up all day Saturday, then throughout labor all night, even after the epidural I thought I would sleep but I was glued to watching his heartbeat for then next 10 hours of labor until they rolled me into surgery. Then during post-op I sat waiting to get the baby in my arms, and had to answer a million questions. Got the baby and started the breastfeeding process. The nurse then went through her whole introduction to my post-partum stay. Then I couldn't sleep Sunday night as I sat listening to make sure he kept breathing!! I finally did sleep briefly on Monday when they gave me some Benadryl for itching i was having from the medications.

We were discharged Tuesday afternoon (a day earlier than most c-sections) but I'm okay with it, because I've slept better here.

Good luck March mommies!!
ChristinaTT responded:
Congratulations on your baby boy! Too bad about all that happened after your epidural but sounds like you're pulling through. Congrats again!

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