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Question about 1st Tri Screening
hmrm1020 posted:
Hey everyone, I had a question for the ones that have had their 1st tri screening girlfriend is expecting and when she went for the 1st tri screening the doctor told her that the Nuchal Fold was measuring at a 3.5 and the norm is 3, has anyone been told this and had further testing and everything was fine. The dr told her he wasn't too concerned to wait for the blood work before she gets too upset.
Samantha_77 responded:
Many people don't get these tests done because they give a 20% false positive. Keep that in mind.
GigiSage responded:
The screening is only to notify the doctor of potential problems and is not a guarantee that there is a problem.
jlenn responded:
Yes, ditto the others. It is really just a screening test to give the doctors a sense of who should be actually tested for issues. It is not a diagnosis of anything. Plenty of people with high readings end up getting the diagnostic tests done and everything is normal. Easier said than done, but really try not worry.

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