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Another Question @ Breech Baby
CAITNOP posted:
I posted yesterday about finding out that our little guy is breech at 36 weeks. This is our third child and first one that's breech, so it came as a shock when we heard that a c-section may be in the near future. Anyway, it didn't hit me until after I left the doctor's office, but when LO has the hiccups, I feel it very low on the left side. I don't feel it at all where the doctor says his head is (to the right of my belly button). I would think that where I feel the little "twitches" would be his head. Of course I'll ask the doctor about it next week, but I'm just curious what you ladies think. Thank you!
CherylG079 responded:
My LO is also breech at 36 weeks and when she has the hiccups I feel them low in my pelvis area which I found odd. GL
marshac01 responded:
Same here, my baby girl is frank breech and I only feel her hic ups way down in my pelvis.. really weird!
yzzil2103 responded:
My LO is head down and thats where I feel most of the movements as well. I think it has move to do with them moving their whole bodies with hiccups more than just their heads. We have watched my LO have hiccups on sono and literally his whole body will jump.


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