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Birth Story - Long
NewLO posted:
Olivia Brinley Dawn born March 11 at 6:44 pm. 9 lbs 5 1/4 oz. 20" long and 14 days overdue....

I went to L&D on Wednesday March 10 to be induced at 0730. I got cervidil placed and the wait began... I started to have contractions around noon and they continued to get stronger until 2 pm when they came to a sudden halt. I was checked at the time and had softened, effaced 50% and was 1 cm. At 6pm the contractions began again. Unfortunately the cervadil had to be removed at 0730 because it can only stay in for 12 hours :( The contractions stopped by 9pm.

I was told they would use a second dose of cervadil in the morning. I stayed the night in the hossy for observation. At 4am I got up to pee and when I crawled back into bed - my water broke!! I couldn't believe how much water there was! I call my husband back to the hospital at 5:30am because contractions were getting strong and I had tons of show... thinking things were getting serious! Again, however, the contractions slowed and finally came to a complete stop by 10 am.

At this point I hadn't slept the night before the induction because I was too nervous, hadn't slept much during the night and had definitely been awake since 4am. I was getting discouraged :( The Dr. told me I could either wait to see if labour would begin again or I could get a pitocin drip. I chose the drip and off to a delivery room I went.

I had the epidural in place and the pitocin started at 1:30 pm. By 3:30 I was uncomfortable and they started the epidural medicine. I was 5 cm when the epidural was started. The remainder of my labour was blissful. I laughed & joked with the RN and the Dr. even through the pushing stage! After 3 contractions of pushing; at 6:44 pm I delivered Olivia Brinley Dawn into this world. She is 9 lbs 5 oz and 20" long.

The pitocin continued to run for about 1/2 hr after her birth because I have a history of hemorrhaging. I have a 2nd degree tear and required some stiching. We were discharged from the hospital and home 14 hours after her delivery. She has a great latch and breastfeeding is going smoothly so far. I can't get over how much she looks like my first daughter!

My two children are SOOOOOOO happy and excited it makes everyone feel happy just listening to them talk about their new little sister! We love her to pieces already. Might even have to try for one more... ;)

Thank you for listening to me wine & complain for the last 10 months... I appreciate everyone's advice & support. Maybe we'll see each other on the newborn boards! Good luck to all you ladies and labor vibes to those who need!
Jill_en responded:
Awww congrats! So glad it all went well.
mommabear3502 responded:
Congrats! I love the name Olivia.
yzzil2103 responded:
congrats! what a fast discharge too! Glad everyone is doing well and the other 2 LOs are loving on her so much!
moniqie23 responded:
She finally made her apperance, Congrats, glad that everything went well.
Temeritee responded:
Congrats!! I'm glad you finally had your baby! :)
ljlflorida responded:
Congrats! I was wondering if she was ever gonna come out! Glad things turned out great and you finally got to meet your daughter. :D
Kristy1019 responded:
Congrats!!!! Glad mom and baby girl are doing so well :)
EileenBoek responded:
So glad she was finally born!! Congratulations!

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