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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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segadelli24 posted:
I am 38 wks pregnant and have been having I guess what you would call cramping I know its not contractions real or other wise because they don't come and go its just this dull ache in the lower part of my uterus not very painfull just uncomfortable , that kind you get when you first get pregnant and stuff is stretching or right before a period is the best way I can describe it , it will just come on and last for a good long while , I never had this with my son my ob says its normal , I'm hoping at my next apointment it will cause some sort of dilation I have also been having pressure associated with it , hoping these are good signs I went 42 wks and like 2 days with my son with notta and then was induced, I am ok with being induced again ob has said because i have big babies they will probably induce 4-7 days after my due date of April 1st if she doesn't come on her own but am hoping i am at least dilated a few centimeters or something first so it goes smoother if I don't at least go on my own.
sabz892000 responded:
i had this...umm all week..and when i went to the doc wednesday i was dialated to a 1 and im only 35 weeks and some im hoping that the cramping and pressure was what helped dialate me some..but theres no telling..mine were a lil more than uncomfy though! lol good luck!!

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