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No progress at 38 weeks
BNWilson3 posted:
Anyone have no progress at their 38 week appt but then had progress at their 39 week or went into labor before their due date. I just had my 38 week appt yesterday and I am completely closed. It was kind of a bummer. I was just wondering if I could still progress soon or can I expect to go pass my due date?!
BNWilson3 responded:
rie82 responded:
Well I had nothing at all at 37 weeks and this week I had NOTHING AT ALL at my 39 week check up, so I'm hoping something miraculous happens over the weekend. 4 days until my due date, and it looks like this little girl is in there for the long haul. I know your pain and curiousity!
emily8091457 responded:
It's soooo hard to tell. I mean with DD#1 I was 3-4cm dilated at like 37 weeks. And I stayed that way for a week and a half before I had her. With this one, I've been 3-4cm dilated since about 36 weeks... still pregnant and I'm 39 weeks tomorrow. And then I've heard of people only being 1cm or even all the way closed and they have their baby that night or in the days following. There's just no telling... makes it frustrating. I just keep telling myself she'll come when she comes I guess!
jlenn responded:
You can be completely closed and go into labor. Trust me, that happened to me once. Or you can be dilated a few centimeters and stay that way for weeks. That also has happened to me. lol

So there really is no telling -- no progress does not actually mean you won't go into labor soon!
BNWilson3 replied to jlenn's response:
Ok, thanks for all answers. There is still hope I will go before my due date!
GigiSage responded:
Really anything can happen. No one will be able to tell you if you will go over your due date or not. You can walk around for weeks at 5 cm dialated and still go over your due date, you can be completely closed and go into labor that night.

Don't put much stock into getting your cervix checked. My OBs don't even tell you what you are at when they check. They only check if you are interested in getting your membranes stripped.

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