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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Tomorrow night is it!
GigiSage posted:
Ok so it is weird to think that tomorrow night I will be induced and I could literally be holding my baby any time after that... ACH! It's nice to know the end is near but at the same time I am concerned about being induced.... I really wanted to go on my own but I don't think that will happen. My cervix just doesn't want to dialate... Anyways... since we are still on the Yellow team I thought it would be fun to have a quick poll to what you ladies think I will be having!

So the beginning I didn't even think I was pregnant and even had a beer since I was so sure of it. Found out at 5 weeks that I was, around 8 weeks started having morning sickness, my breasts became tender (stayed that way too!) and I had an aversion to pretty much all proteins and to tomatos. I just could not stomach any type of tomato sauce! Around 20 weeks my morning sickness stopped and around 25 weeks I could start eating tomato sauce again. Since then things have been a breeze! Until 36 weeks I didn't even want to be touched then suddenly it was like a switch got flipped and our sex life came back from the grave. :) I never got the spark of energy everyone talks about and literally this entire pregnancy I have wanted to sleep. It's exhausting!

So what do you think?

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Jess92483 responded:
Hey just wanted to say good luck!!! and yes i am very jealous of you :) I hope all works out and you are holding you LO in yours arms soon! Can't wait to hear your story, especailly since you are doing in Med free, which is how im gonna try to go, but i am keeping an open mind!
GigiSage replied to Jess92483's response:
Don't be too jealous! It will really put a crimp in my plans if I have to be tied to a bunch of things while not using pain meds.... they have a cordless belt I can wear to monitor heart rate and contractions and I am really going to fight to not get an IV unless I need the pitocin... but who knows if it will go my way...
Jess92483 replied to GigiSage's response:
Keep an open mind and dont get upset with yourself if things dont go your way, just enjoy this wonderful experience however its thrown at you! I think you are well prepared and you will do great! and again best of luck to you!
GigiSage replied to Jess92483's response:
I know. I just really wanted to go on my own. I feel like I am being cheated out of the whole 'honey it's time!' thing... In a way I am not because I could still have that moment since DH will not be staying there Sunday night (he might as well get a good nights sleep!) and I will have to call him if I go into full labor with the tape... but it is disappointing in away. Takes some of the surprise away. I am glad we don't know what we are having though, at least something is still a surprise!
JessWilcox responded:
Congrats on your soon to be birth of baby! That is so exciting for you and your family! I hope everything goes as you plan!
GigiSage replied to JessWilcox's response:
Thanks! I am actually at the hospital now... munching on carrots and grapes! Yum! :) When the OB checked me before putting in the tape and I am 1 cm, 50% effaced and -3.... so hopefully tonight will be a good night. I have had a few contractions so far but again nothing is regular.
mommy2_3_monsters responded:
Good luck! I hope delivery is a breeze.
EileenBoek responded:
Gigi, I can't wait to read your birth story and find out if you had a boy or a girl!! Since it's now Monday morning you could even have your LO in your arms by now!

I hope the induction has gone/is going perfectly and smoothly - and that you don't need the pitocin. It's looking like I'm going to be following you down the induction road either tomorrow or Wednesday, so I am hoping to hear an encouraging induction story. I feel the same way with being disappointed about missing out on the whole "honey, it's time!" thing. But the most important thing is that we get our babies out healthy and happy, right?

Let us all know how it goes!
TakarahsMommy responded:
Everything sounds opposit of me. Im thinking you are on the blue team!
wilburlbh responded:
i always thought you were having a boy i had no idea you wereo n the yellow team so i say boy but your symtoms sound like your having a girl! good luck lady!
Rubyl33 responded:
I thought you recently had an ultra sound and found out it's a girl???

Maybe not....but your symptoms are almost identical to mine and I'm having a little girl so that's my choice!

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