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Lilliahna posted:
HI ladies! I was wondering if any of you are having problems staying awake? Every day it get a lttle worse here. I am beginning to feel unsafe driving to and from work (I work 62 miles away from home) as I can barely fight off the sleepiness in the car. Every evening I am nodding off at work. Why is it such a struggle to stay awake?!?! I sleep as well as can be expected at night. Any insight/ advice?

54 days until induce date : )
tdub089 responded:
I was once getting sleepy all the time but it has slacked off a little...since my doc said that my iron was low...the pills really do help..but I havent taken them in a week and I can feel my sleepiness/tiredness coming back....sorry i couldnt be of too much far along are ya?
JessWilcox responded:
I feel that way too! Even if I clock a good 8 hours of sleep i never feel fully rested! I was on my way home from my grandparents with my kids the other night n had to call DH because I could feel myself drifting! I'm not sure what it is though? I guess its just one of those pregnancy things. Maybe we are lacking some vitamin or something. I don't really have any advice so I'm not much help but you arent alone in the battle to stay awake!
Lilliahna replied to tdub089's response:
I am 31 w 2 d ... I hope my iron isn't low, I'm taking my prenatal vitamin & a supplemental vitamin that has iron . Doesn't it just make you crazy??
Lilliahna replied to JessWilcox's response:
Thanks for responding ladies! My work is the pregnancy factory lol but I am the furthest along right now and none of the recent moms had any trouble with it : (
tdub089 replied to Lilliahna's response:
In that case then your iron may not be low...and it does make me totally crazy! It sucks big time! I hope it gets better for you careful on that road when you are getting off of work..
tdub089 replied to Lilliahna's response:
is preg factory the name of where you work or am i just being slow lol
Lilliahna replied to tdub089's response:
I should have worded that more clearly lol I just meant that there are constantly several women here pregnant at once, usually around 6-8.
GigiSage replied to Lilliahna's response:
You should tell your doctor since it is a quick blood test to check iron levels... Otherwise how do you sleep at night? Are you having restful sleep? You could always take a quick cat nap before you leave in the evening to drive home. Just 10 minutes of having your eyes closed while in a safe enviroment can make you more awake. When I used to drive home from my long distance boyfriends house at like 3am I would have to stop at a well lit gas station, lock my doors and take a few minutes to close my eyes and sleep. Once I woke up I felt better and I wasn't nodding off on the road.
Lilliahna replied to GigiSage's response:
I sleep as well as can be expected- I already had problems going to sleep and staying asleep before I got pregnant. Now I sleep in 40 min to 3 hour intervals depending on the night. I get 8 hours or so of sleep at least, just not at once. I'll make sure they check my iron levels at my next appt, it's only 2 weeks away : ) I used to do the cat nap trick on road trips, I hadn't thought about doing it for my daily trips. Thanks!

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