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    Repeat C-sections
    Lizard_217 posted:
    I had an emergency c-section with DD#2 and am planning another one with this one. Can anyone give me some insight as to what happens with a repeat section? Do they cut you at your same scar or make a new one? Since this one will be planned, do you think it will be different recovery? I guess I'm a little nervous about it all.

    Possible Trigs: Also, my DD was sick and passed away a week later - never nursed - (see bio if interested in story) so she was in the NICU, but with this one will I be able to nurse her afterwards? I've heard that with c-section babies they usually end up being bottle fed b/c they don't nurse immediately. DD#1 nursed immediately after delivery.
    fsuchick1976 responded:
    I had an emergency c-section with DD1. With DD2 (born 3/5/10) I had a planned c-section at 39 weeks. I was curious too about the scar and had asked my ob about it ahead of time. They do use the same incision. My doctor said if you looked with a microscope, it might be off a little, but they try to get pretty close. My recovery with the planned c-section has been so much easier. My ob said it was b/c my body wasn't in labor.

    With DD1 (the emergency c-section) I was able to nurse about an hour after the delivery. I breastfed her for 13 months without any formula. With DD2 (planned c-section), I was able to nurse about 45 minutes after the delivery. Basically, once I was in the recovery area, they brought my babies to me to try to breastfeed. Both did really well.

    Make sure that you let them know that you want to breastfeed. If you have problems ask to speak to the lactation consultant.

    I wish you the best.
    fsuchick1976 replied to fsuchick1976's response:
    I hate that they took away the function to preview your post before you actually post it. Anyways, DD2 was born 3/3/10, not 3/5/10 (not that it makes a difference to you).
    amyswartwood responded:
    I agree with the pp. I had one emergency and one planned and there was no comparison. They do use the same incision and quite honestly they heal so well that i couldn't tell you where one starts and one ends. I am going to bf this one after surgery, but it will be new to me. I plan to ask to have him in recovery with me as soon as he's able. They will usually ask you before they feed him/her with a bottle.

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