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    Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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    Few things that I recommend at the hospital:
    GigiSage posted:
    Ok so out of what I did take to the hospital I found that my nursing tank was a very wise investment. Once I put it on under my nursing gown it made nursing soo much easier and even easier to switch sides without exposing yourself for all to see. After a few days I switched to my clothing (my night gown, underwear and such). I would definitely wait until your bleeding is under control though and it is like a period for you instead of real heavy stuff.

    Something I wish I would have thought of was those Wisp no water needed toothbrushes, facial cleansing wipes and a bottle of detangling spray. After so long of laboring and then having a c-section I felt like crap and wanted nothing more then to just do basic hygiene. I was able to brush out my hair, the nurse brought me a little pan of water that I used to get my hair unmatted and a washcloth that I wiped my face down with but I didn't feel clean. I especially didn't feel clean since right before my c-section started I was throwing up (not easy to do when you can't feel your muscles, laying on your back and your arms are strapped down on each side...)

    Last but not least, I forgot my lotion. The hospital was TERRIBLY dry and I had labored twice in the tub. My skin was so dry and itchy that it drove me nuts!

    I do recommend setting the TV on a channel that has shows that are easy to drift in and out of during labor. It was a great distraction during labor. I did the same thing at night since DH didn't stay at the hospital (no place for him to sleep comfortably) it helped me when I would wake up alone and gave enough light that when they bought in Elizabeth I could see her.

    Well thats all, I thought I would share what worked for me at the hospital since it was my first baby. :) good luck ladies and I hope you all have easy deliveries.
    tamliz08 responded:
    That was very helpful, thank you!
    mrswelchiswaiting responded:
    thanks for the tips! i need to get my bags packed but i keep thinking of all the stuff i want to put in there, then i realize i still need that stuff up until we go, so maybe i'll just make my list and put that in my bag. when the time comes i''ll have the hubs load it all up really quick :)
    Lizard_217 responded:
    When I had DD#1, Back to the Future was on. When it was time to push, that nurse turned the TV off. I turned it back on b/c I LOVE that movie. She said I would get distracted!

    I never had a long labor, but I've heard of some people bringing their ipods with calming music, book, DVDs, etc. I've had a vaginal birth and a c-section so I feel completely prepared for this one now since I've experienced both. congrats again to you.
    hipk427 replied to Lizard_217's response:
    thanks Gigi...very helpful as always...hope recovery is going smoothly
    Rubyl33 responded:
    Does anyone know....if you're lucky and your labor goes well and you don't need a c-section, are you able to shower pretty quickly after birth?
    Lizard_217 replied to Rubyl33's response:
    As long as you don't get an epidural or the epidural has worn off, I think you could shower whenever. I had DD#1 at 4 in the afternoon, but my epi didn't wear off until a few hours later. I don't think I showered until the morning though, but I don't think it was prohibited.
    tamliz08 replied to Rubyl33's response:
    Ugh, I had a vaginal delivery with no meds, and I was not allowed to shower until more than 24 hours later. It was horrible.
    Kami2008 replied to Lizard_217's response:
    My epi wore off while I was being stitched and I was up going to the bathroom and cleaning up about 5 minutes after they finished stitching me. They told me I could shower whenever I wanted too, I did wait to later that night because I still felt pretty weak but I also had been up for almost 24hrs at that point. I had a fairly easy birth only 8 hrs but I went into labor around midnight and had been up most of the night was just a long long day for me. I suggest bringing little bottles of your shampoo and cond. I wouldn't worry about body wash though. I just brought the necessities and plan on doing that this time around, phone charger, camera/charger, computer, stuff to shower, a change of clothes to go home in I personally felt it was much more comfortable just to wear the hosp. gown the whole time. Defintiely bring chapstick and if you are going to nurse purchase a tube a nipple cream before and stick it in your back mine were sooooo sore and the cream really helped! Also have some extra on hand at home!
    2boysmom53 replied to Kami2008's response:
    Nothing feels better than a warm shower after delivery... ahhhh!!!
    Lysana responded:
    If you like a neck pillow, don't forget to take that. You know, those u-shaped ones? It was a lifesaver for me. :) I forgot it when I went in with DS for false labor and was regretting it the whole time...but it ended up being a good things since it helped me remember it when we went back for the real thing!
    Zoer replied to Rubyl33's response:
    I was allowed to shower 24 hours later. It was a vaginal birth with an epidural but no other complications.
    GigiSage replied to Rubyl33's response:
    It depends on the hospital. Mine had I not had the failed epi or the c-section would have allowed me to shower when my bleeding was controlled. They like to confine you for at least an hour to check your bleeding but as soon as you are cleared to get up and walk around then you can shower.
    Rubyl33 replied to GigiSage's response:
    Thanks guys! I just figured after all the laboring and pushing (hopefully!), I know I will want a shower asap. Especially before people start wanting to come up to the hospital.

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