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Cant find Pampers coupon
Debaroonie posted:
Anyone know if there is a webpage that has printable coupons? I liked Pampers better than Huggies for my last one, but I cant seem to come across coupons. I am always finding Huggies coupons in the Sunday paper & in the mail. Itried to go to the webpage to get some. I am trying to stock up.
mrswelchiswaiting responded:
have you ever ordered from you can get $10 off your first order there. just put in my referral code. ASHL9994..... other than that, i don't know of any other Pampers coupons
Debaroonie replied to mrswelchiswaiting's response:
I have not ordered from there yet but have checked it out. I have just been trying to get a package everytime I go tto the store & use my coupons that are gonna expire. Walmart had them on clearance so was gonna get a couple more packs. Up to 7 packs now. lol
jenL168 responded:
I am constantly searching for coupons-- Pampers are much much harder to come by than the Huggies ones. I have signed up with the P&G website and sometimes get email updates with their products-rarely are they diapers. Also sign up at the pampers website-i have received coupons from them a few times. The sunday paper also has then once a month in the P&G brand saver. Like I said, the huggies coupons are much easier to get--I never buy diapers without a coupon- I refuse!

A helpful website I have found is they list all types of weekly and monthly sales on baby/kids items. Each week on Sunday they are updated with the diaper/formula etc sales. It is right on the right hand side "top deals" i think something like that.

Recently I have been getting the $2 off coupons in the big packs that are marked. Also our local grocery store prints thier own.

Debaroonie replied to jenL168's response:
Thank you. Yes I think I will try both Huggies & Pampers this time. My last one couldnt wear Huggies as he had blow outs all the time. I switched to Pampers & had no problems. Every baby is different. I cant refuse a $3 coupon especially when the diapers or on clearance for $8.
fsuchick1976 responded:
You could always try ordering coupons from a clipping service. Or you can trade coupons with others on coupon forums. Check out the coupon forum at

I don't think you will ever find a printable coupon for Pampers. As far as I know, P&G do not release printable coupons.

You are right about different diapers for different babies. I use pampers on my 20 month old and Huggies on my newborn.
alisonfw responded:
There are a is a good one and Redplum is another but that is usually the same ones in the paper. If you have the time, Google "Pampers Coupons" and you will probably get a few different sources.
Debaroonie replied to alisonfw's response:
Thanks everyone

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