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Induction ?
segadelli24 posted:
I was hoping to go naturual with baby number 2 but at nearly 41 weeks she has not dropped she is high and floating my cervix is hard and high and I have dilated to 2cm but thats it , I have no signs of labor , no bh contractions cramping backache nothing , my son was an induction at 42 weeks and 2 days , same thing 1cm dilated hard high cervix , baby floating and not engaged and no signs of labor so the ob I am seeing know feels we may be waiting for nothing .... I really am ready to have this baby and my MIL has flown down and is here only for one more week , we are tentativly scheduled for thursday , but I am hoping and praying something will happen ... I have been walking everyday sitting in diffrent positions had sex with my husband tried everything but castor oil and absolutly notta so I feel like I am doing the right thing its just so darn frustrating
BNWilson3 responded:
I feel your pain. At 40 weeks and 6 days I am also being induced tomorrow but I am still holding out hope that I go on my own!!!
Lizard_217 responded:
I was in the same position with DD#2. She just was happy in there. My doc said that hte only thing that helps is cervical abruption - meaning stripping membranes or DTD. DTD also helps b/c the semen has prostaglandin in it which helps produce dilation (or so they say). Sometimes those babies just want to cook for a little longer. GL with the induction. I hope all goes well.
tborek responded:
Sorry you haven't had any signs yet. That baby is just nice and comfy I guess! I would just say keep DTD. As pp said the prostaglandin can help dialate. Do you have a yoga ball? They say that if you sit and bounce on a yoga ball with your pelvis open you can help push the baby down and engage. Good luck!

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