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    How many days Ladies!!!
    Heathersmith26 posted:
    Ok so the other post on this subject is ridiculously long, so I've deciced to start a new one.

    1.) How many days til term?

    2.) How many days til EDD?

    3.) Current vent?

    4.) Confession?

    1.) 28 days til term
    2.) 49 days til EDD
    3.) Questions like..."when are you due?" or "Is this your first baby?" or "Boy or Girl?" and my favorite "WOW! Your huge!!"
    4.) I would so take off work if DH would let me.

    Good Luck Ladies... I'm sending tons of labor vibes to you all!
    Samantha_77 responded:
    1. I have 22 days till term

    2. 43 days until my EDD

    3. I really want to sleep, just a few hours in a row without a cramp in my hip and I would be gloriously happy

    4. I have come really close the last 3 days to breaking down and buying ice cream, but it's not so good for the GD, so I don't :(
    mrswelchiswaiting responded:
    1. already there
    2. 10 days! woohoo
    3. my cats are driving me nuts today! up on everything, knocking stuff on the floor. it beautiful outside today and i'd love to get on my hands and knees and do some gardening but all my tools are locked up in our tool shed and DH has the key :( ..... oh and i'm still pregnant...
    4. i had a cup of coffee this morning (to help with going to the bathroom..wink wink) and i don't think LO liked it.
    - sometimes i worry that i won't be a good mom b/c i get so frustrated when my dogs or cat misbehaves, how will i be with a child!?
    -i've gained more weight than i wanted to and i worry that it won't come off quickly... seems selfish to me to worrying about that :(
    -i'm almost too excited to be able to share a bottle of wine with DH... again, i feel like this shouldn't be such a source of excitement for me right now :(
    -i feel sad when DH has to work all day at his job then go out to the farm to do chores out there. i don't see him til mid to late evening and sometimes i get a little snippy with him about being gone a lot. i feel bad though b/c he is the only one working and he is doing it for our family so i can stay home with baby (which we both want). i know he enjoys being busy, but i miss him and get lonely during the day, and i don;t always stop to remind myself that he is working and not out having fun...
    - i still haven't mailed my baby shower thank you cards and it was 3 weeks ago :( i should do that now...

    thats all i can think of for now...
    jle09 responded:
    1.) 63 days until term, I delivered my son at 37 weeks

    2.) 82 days until EDD

    3.) Everything and everyone is pissing me off today. I'd really like to slap a few people, key a car, and pour water on some and then follow it up with a large draft beer. But I'll settle for crying softly at work!

    4.) I still suck at taking my vitamins!
    mokuley responded:
    1.) 35 days till term
    2.) 56 till EDD
    3.) Work sucks, I'm tired
    4.) I have been slacking at work in every possible way for 2 weeks now and I don't know or forsee me doing anything productive for the rest of this pregnancy.
    ILOVEGAVIN responded:
    43 till term
    57 till EDD, if I make it. DS was 2 weeks early and I have GD with this one so who knows what will happen
    *We have not even started on baby's room yet
    *Have not even come close to picking a name
    *I hate having GD because I have no idea what I am doing and it seems like I am doing everything wrong
    *All I ever want is a Dr. Pepper, and if I do have one it does not make my BS high, but yet I can't have a glass of milk because it goes up to 146
    *My job sucks and they cut our raises in half the month I am due for one
    *My husbands family is annoying and I am sick of them telling me how things need to be
    *I have turned into a clean freak and do it so much that DH never has to do anything, I am sure he does not mind though!
    Ingawahkiki responded:
    1.) How many days til term? Already there =)

    2.) How many days til EDD? 12 days

    3.) Current vent? Frequent BMs, some contractions, TONS of pelvic pressure, hemms...the list does on...

    4.) Confession? I know it's technically better for the baby, but to heck with waiting till the due date. I want her out NOW!
    2boysmom53 responded:
    1 15 days till term
    2 36 days till EDD 29 til induction (maybe)
    3 DH refuses to help do anything around the house but gripes that it isn't done... men!
    4 none.
    Jess92483 replied to 2boysmom53's response:
    1.) How many days til term? 9 days past

    2.) How many days til EDD? 12 days

    3.) Current vent? None

    4.) Confession? I think i eat to much LOL
    stinkybutts_mom responded:

    1.) How many days til term? Already past it

    2.) How many days til EDD? 19 and counting

    3.) Current vent? I swear my pelvis is broken lol

    4.) Confession? OMG my DBF is on my last nerve and I have no clue why......poor guy
    jgarner719 replied to stinkybutts_mom's response:
    1. 9 days till term! YAY!!
    2. 30 Days till EDD
    3. my hips hurt!
    4. I cant wait for my baby to come, but at the same time...I enjoy the time I have now to do as I please and go as I please!
    MommyCole1111 responded:
    1.) How many days til term? 49!!

    2.) How many days til EDD? 70

    3.) Current vent? ummm hmm, dont really have anything right now.

    4.) Confession? I am wishing DD would get potty trained already that way I dont have to buy diapers for 2 kids! We are working on it but she isnt really interested the diaper is more convienient!
    hmhess4523 responded:
    1. already there
    2. 13 days to go
    3. I hate bh contractions this is my 4th child and they are worse with this one than with the others so it's hard to tell if they are the real thing or not.
    4. I can't wait to hold my little girl, and I wish dh seemed more excited that she is almost here.......actually I wish he was more excited about anything than he is.
    Becca1008 replied to MommyCole1111's response:
    1.) How many days til term? 13

    2.) How many days til EDD? 36, but I will be induced in 29 if she's not here by then!

    3.) Current vent? I'm tired of being pregnant and ready for her to be here already! Also ready for my last week of student teaching to be done!

    4.) Confession? I have no idea if I am doing this right because I have not checked the boards in forever due to Student Teaching and being so busy with that.
    cyberkat99 responded:
    1.) How many days til term? 30

    2.) How many days til EDD? 50

    3.) Current vent? I wish people would stop touching my belly!!!

    4.) Confession? I'm so over being pregnant and having "the glow"!

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