Reading to LO
ClosetRocker posted:
Do you read to your tummy and if so when did you start? Any suggestions on books? I've been thinking about this for the past few days and I'm trying to figure out how many people actually do this.
Jess92483 responded:
My SIL is a psychologist and she got me books for xmas, she said if you read the same book to you baby when hes in your tummy, that when hes born and upset read him that book. She said hes used to how it sounds and the way your voice flows and it will calm them?? I dunno i didnt go to school for 8 years to become a doctor of psychology, but we'll see if it works...So i chose to read my lil guy Bambi
jle09 replied to Jess92483's response:
I also read this in a pregnancy book. I am ashamed to say though, I haven't read anything to my belly yet.
ClosetRocker replied to jle09's response:
Lol, I haven't started either but I figure that it will give me and my peanut some more bonding time. Maybe I'll even let DH get involved Do you know if the pregnancy book said when to start reading to your belly?
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
My dh read to my tummy-Goodnight Moon-most of my first pregnancy. He didn't for the others.

Boy child was my latest reader and still prefers audio books to actual reading.
jle09 replied to ClosetRocker's response:
I don't remember exactly, but I believe somewhere late in the 2nd trimester is when the baby can actually hear voices and not just not static noise.
jessica61506 responded:
This is one benefit to being pregnant and having children already. I read to my son every night which means that my LO is getting to hear stories every night as well.

Also, all of the books that our first is growing out of will be perfect for the next! We started reading to our first right away. He LOVES books and can already read and spell several words at 3!
jbeers replied to jessica61506's response:
I played the crib music player we were going to use to both my DDs for the last trimester and it worked like a charm! I remember the night we brought our first DD home from the hospital, she was fussing in her bassinet, so I turned it on next to her, and she turned her head right to it and was mesmerized. At 7 and 3, they both still have bonds to those players!
5ylver responded:
next time I am at work I will be buying the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch I have been planning to read that book to lo. also like goodnight moon
mrswelchiswaiting responded:
haha, i have to say i haven't read to my belly yet, but if what a PP said was true about them recognizing the voice and tone and being soothed by it, well, if my LO ever gets fussy i'll just turn on the Office.... that should calm her down
Mandy04071987B responded:
I too have a 3 year old and read to him every night so LO gets the wonderful benefits! I began reading to my first son in utero ( hahahah) around 4 months preggers or so. We read Love you forever, goodnight moon, and a not as well known book: Where is Baby's Birthday Cake, it's a lift the flap book our 3 year old LOVES! Another one that is a great book is On the Night you were born!

HTH! Good luck!
ClosetRocker replied to mrswelchiswaiting's response:
LMBO @ the Office, my LO would be calmed down by 2 1/2 men lol. I think that I'm going to start the music thing right away (that's a great idea) and read to her in my 8th month. Right now she moves so much that I don't think she would pay attention to me reading to her anyway lol.