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Castor Oil? Huh?
VeryFirst posted:
What does Castor ( I hope I spelled that right) Oil do? and How much do you drink?
casperkawa responded:
It makes you poop and throw up. I did it with my first and I was sooooo sick, I would never do it again. But I did go into labor within three days and he was eight days early, but like I said I have had three kids since and would NEVER do it again. It has been sixteen years and it is still with me YUCK~~ I am not sure how much you should drink though you can probably google it. Good luck
VeryFirst replied to casperkawa's response:
Thanks for the heads up!!!!! I will so stay away.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
It does nada, unless you count a nice long time in the bathroom something. (Believe me-desperate enough to try it with my horridly late children)
Briarrose31 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
I would NOT try that method. All it is going to do is upset your stomach and give you diarrhea and throwing up. Not fun when 9 months pregnant!!
VeryFirst replied to Briarrose31's response:
Im not going to try it, but why do woman drink it? What do they think it's gonna do?

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