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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Birth Story
segadelli24 posted:
I was induced at 41wks on April 8th I gave birth to a little girl Matilda Ann 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches long , the entire time of labor and delivery was 12 hours . I was taken care of and delivered by midwifes this time instead of doctors. Much better exprience than with my son who was 30 hours start to finish. This time every one was in agrement that I have issues with my cervix , instead of strapping me to a bed and pumping me full of pitocin the midwives opted to try naturual remedies to help my cervix soften and dilated more it tend to stay high and hard , hoping to get me to go into labor on my own this time I was 42 weeks and 2 days with my son with the same problem, decided not to wait that extra week for nothing. Anyways it worked with some gel inserts and a balloon I was able to start contracting on my own and I walked the entire first 11 hours they gave me pitocin after 10 hours and only had to give me a tiny bit to strength the contractions , they let me eat and take long hot showers which the doctors advised against so I felt a lot better. The midwives said I was transitioning and once my water broke I would be ready to go they encouraged me to keep going naturual but I decided I had done 11 hours on my own and gotten to nearly 8cm I was not going to be a hero I new as I transitioned the pushing would be the hardest I got an epi my water broke during and about 45 min after the epi was placed and 6 pushes and 25 min my daughter was born , I wa glad I got the epi the last part helped me rest after and not be in to much pain. It was a wonderfull exprience and I encourage anyone else to go naturual as long as possible it was so much better and made the delivery and recovery so much more wonderfull going from my son were I had the epi from nearly the start to my daughter were I did it mostly on my own I have to say it was much better the second time around and if I have anymore kids I am opting the same route , and push your doctors to opt for other options before giving pitocin if they can..... this board was so wonderfull during my pregnancy .. good luck to everyone else
tamliz08 responded:
peachyisthelife responded:
I'm glad it went so well! Congrats on your sweet little girl!!

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Lilli (23) DBF (30) EDD 5/21/10 ,being induced 5/14/10 BLUE TEAM !!! I am so excited to be having my first ( and last) LO : )

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