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smenon75 posted:
We just had our 6month ultrasound (pregnant wife). The doctor told us that the baby's right ventricle seemed small, however, he said that it was purely a subjective opinion and that it could just be the way the technician took the measurement, or it could be because of the baby's position. He asked us to come back in two weeks for another check. He said that he was not too concerned about it. Anyone here have experience with anything similar or any advise? Thanks for your Reply!
Lizard_217 responded:
I"m going to tell you this to prepare you and not to scare you. Everything could be completely normal with the heart, but...

My DD#2 was born with HLHS - which means the left ventricle is small or non-existent. We were never told anything during the pregnancy so it was a complete shock. I've heard so many stats that if something like this is diagnosed in utero, the chances of a normal life are so much more - so this is really good if it ends up being something like this. Also, the right vent. is less important than the left.

I would go get an echocardiagram and they will be able to look at the heart with much better technology than the reg. u/s machine. GL and try not to worry.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:

Ultrasounds, doctors, and techs are known to be a wee bit conservative when interpreting what they see in my experience. Most doctors practice better safe than sorry. This often leads to a bit of unnecessary worry. Sometimes the worry is justified. Keep talking to your wife's doctor, ask for recommendations for further follow up.

In the meantime, take your cue from her doctor and try not to be super concerned.
blackab replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
if they are truly concerned they will send you to a specialist to get a fetal echo. It really could just be an error and they are wanting to recheck it before putting you through the cost and time of seeing a specialist. If you do go see specialist...(we had to do it with DS) its basically just an even longer and more thorough ultrasound of the baby's heart. They can see MUCH more during a fetal echo than the regular ultrasound tech can and are much more trained too diagnose things. Try not to worry and start looking things up because it could be a very simple mis measurement.

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