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signs of dilation/effacement?
c8lin posted:
hi everyone,
i was just wondering if there are any signs for me to tell if i'm dilating or effaced. i will be 37 weeks tomorrow and my doctor hasn't checked yet. i have an appointment tomorrow afternoon so i'm guessing she will then, since i'll be considered full term! so i guess i'll probably find out tomorrow anyway, but i just thought i'd ask. she said his head is already very low, but didn't say whether he is engaged or not, only that it's because this is my first baby. i have been feeling a lot of wetness, but not so much that i think it's amniotic fluid leaking or anything. i also have been having pain in my hip/inner thigh area that i guess is ligament pain? it really hurts sometimes and is usually if i've been standing or after i've tried to run after the bus a few times. lol won't be doing that anymore! i've also been going to the bathroom more, both #1 and #2. my baby shower is on may 8th, 10 days before my due date (cutting it really close, i know!) so i'm hoping that he waits until after then at least!
Temeritee responded:
I wish I knew. With all of the contractions and cramps I am having I've been really paranoid about dilating and effacing more than I already have.
VeryFirst responded:
c8lin . Our stories are pretty much identical. But Im 38 weeks and 4 days. Ive been experiencing that same wetness. Like you say not enough for water breaking but more than the normal discharge. The pain in the hip and upper inner thigh. And the FREAKING PEEING!!! OMG! I think I go pink every 15 minutes >no exageration. I just had my shower last Saturday (April 24) and Im due May 9th. I hope you make it to yours.
peachyisthelife responded:
There really is no way of knowing if you're dilated/effaced until you're checked by a doctor. The things you're experiencing are just things that happen at the end of a pregnancy, whether you're not dilated or 3cm dilated. Unfortunately, even if you ARE dilated/effaced at your appt tomorrow, it doesn't mean you will necessary go into labor real soon. It's all so unknown! That's one of the hardest parts at the end is just not knowing! Good luck at your appt tomorrow :-)

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