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How often does your doctor
tdub089 posted:
check your cervix to see if you have dilated? I had my 34 week appt. yesterday...the best part was hearing the baby's heartbeat. I had to get a vag cultural done for group strep was very painful..and right after that she just shoved her finger up check me(I wasn't dilated or anything)..Oh what a day!! Then she said that she will be checking me every Thursday until LO comes..I was like well doesn't that sound
Jennax907 responded:
My doctor doesn't start checking you until 38 or 39 weeks if you're having a risk free boring pregnancy. I actually asked not to be checked until 40 weeks. Just because you're a 1 or 4 doesn't necessarily mean you're going into labor and vice versa.
peachyisthelife responded:
Every doc is different when it comes to this. Some, like the pp, don't even start till 38-39w. A lot of docs will start around 36-37w. Mine will start at 37w. Heck, I've even heard of some docs not checking at all! Of course if you're having problems with preterm labor and such then you'll get checked no matter what.

Since you can be 1cm the day before going into labor, or 3cm for 3 weeks, obviously getting checked doesn't "mean" much, but it's still kinda fun to see where you are!
ILOVEGAVIN responded:
I get mine checked for the first time at my next appt. and I will be 36 weeks. With my first they checked me at my 36 week appt. and then again at my 37, but then I had him 3 days later so don't know much after that, but would assume it is normal to do it every week, not that we are thrilled about it!
blufaerie responded:
with my dd, the dr started checking me at 32 weeks, at which i was already dialated to one. at 34 i was dialated to 3 which i stayed at for 3 more weeks. my almost 32 week appt is monday, so i am kinda hoping they will check me, just to see.
ljlflorida responded:
The first time I was checked was when I had my GBS & I was 35w 6d. I was checked again this past Monday (38w 2d) & I will be checked again next Monday @ 39w 2d. I also go 2x a week for a NST & I get one u/s to monitor my fluid levels each week. At my next appt. I'll be checked, do the NST & get an u/s.
LadieKae responded:
My doc hasn't checked me yet. and I am a high risk pregnancy. I have to go in for a semi "emergency" type appt today. Because of my blood pressure and my low blood sugars and a few other things, so maybe he will check me now. If he doesnt, he is going on vacation soon, and my due date is June 1st! so i will have another 2 weeks til i get to see him again. it is making me all kindsa nervous!
Temeritee responded:
My doc usually starts checking at 36 weeks. I had contractions at 34 weeks that were lasting over night (not timeable, but more than 4 or 5 an hour) and he had me come in to check for dilation and I've been being checked every week since then.
tdub089 replied to peachyisthelife's response:
I agree it is kinda nice to see how much you've progressed lol
tdub089 replied to ILOVEGAVIN's response:
I know I am not thrilled about it..but what can I do lol
Amanda3701 responded:
Mine doesn't. He will if I want him to, but he doesn't see any real need, as it is in now way an accurate predictor of when you will go into labor. Had my 37 week visit today. Whee I start having contractions, then he'll check, lol.
tlkittycat1968 replied to Amanda3701's response:
Can I ask why you replied to a post that's 3 years old? I seriously doubt the original poster is still pregnant.
MW1982 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I'm glad she did because there are still other people out there who are pregnant and reading this. I am 39 weeks and my doc keeps checking me every 2 days! It's so painful and frustrating and I hate it. I am seriously thinking of canceling my next appointment cause I was told that the pain and stress it causes to me and the baby is actually stopping the cervix from opening naturally. I am not dilated at all.

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