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I think I had BH ?
jle09 posted:
Well this weekend was our big move into our very first house. It went fairly well, it was definitely stressful, but after things settled down I'm enjoying being in a home versus an apartment. I am very happy with it.

After moving lots of small loads for two days straight, my feet and ankles were really swollen and I was having a lot of cramping. I think I confirmed I was having Braxton Hick contractions. My stomach would get this weird menstrual like cramp in my low pelvic area and it would travel all the way up to the top of my stomach. I had hubby feel my tummy and he said it felt like a brick was in there. The hardness would stay for a minute to a minute and a half then magically go away. I had DH feel after the hardness went away and he was very surprised at how soft it was compared to a moment ago. I had them on and off until 10 or 11 at night. Does thissound like Braxton Hicks?

I saw I had several more responses to my in-laws post. Wanted to update you on how our move went, since that was one of my stressors in the post. In-laws were scheduled to come over around 1:30/2 to help, by that time we were already done so we knew they'd just want to sit around and shoot the breeze. By lunchtime we had already had several uninvited guest and several arguments from stress, so DH said after showing his parents our new home, he'd take them over to our old apartment to have his dad look over his truck (he had a broken belt and needed help fixing it). So I decided to lie down and rest, and before they got there DS and I fell asleep. When his parents got there he met them outside and said we had passed out. MIL decides to stay at our house while the guys left to work on the truck. DH sent me a message immediately telling me he couldn't get her to leave. I sat in my son's room for over an hour "pretending" to sleep. I could hear her going through closest and boxes and generally snooping around. Eventually I had to pee so bad that I had to come out. DH's truck ended up needed some extra things done to it, and I was left at our new home for over 4.5 hours with MIL to entertain. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS! It was not a good day; I'm beginning to think spending that time with her is what gave me the BH.
Taylove11 responded:
I'm sorry to hear about your MIL being nosy and a pain. Congratulations on the new house!

It certainly sounds like BHC to me. At least that is what mine sound/feel like. I usually get mine after walking/moving around a lot too. I HTH!
ljlflorida responded:
I would say your having BHC. Now that I finally experienced them a while back, it sounds the same as mine.

Sorry about your MIL. That's pretty rude of her to go through your stuff.

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