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    Birth story long
    blackab posted:
    Madison Lee arrived 5-4-10 at 4:44pm weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long with a full head of dark hair just like daddy. She came at 36w6d after.....4 days of labor?

    You may have seen my L&D post last thursday April 29th. I had been on 17p injections since week 16 to prevent PTL. My last shot was at 34 weeks and right on time the contractions began a week later at 35 weeks. 5 min apart...all day everyday. They weren't too painful and sometimes I would get a random 7min or 3min in there so I wasn't concerned enough to think I was i labor since it wasn't a perfect pattern all the time...this is just what my body does!

    Well at 36w2d I woke up at 4am and they were really close maybe 3 min (can't remember) and pretty painful enough that I couldn't sleep despite tylenol PM. I told dh I would prob be calling him from work be prepared. I got ready took more tylenol...and left with DS for a friends house to just be prepared. When i got to her house she could tell i was in pain and said we are going in you don't look good! I called the office and asked if i could come there bc I didn't want to have to do the mandatory 4 hours in L&D if this wasn't "the time". I got to the office and i was contracting 3 min still on the screen....4cm 75% effaced -2 station. She had me go walk for an hour and come back to see if my cervix moved since I wasn't term she wasn't going to help my labor along...had i been 37 weeks she would have just broken my water to speed it up. SO i walked and they got to 2 min apart and I came back and i was 5cm 75% -2. She sent me to L&D to be admitted for active labor. She told me to go ahead and call my mom to fly in from Dallas to take care of DS.

    I got to L&D and got hooked up on monitors and the contractions continued but I stayed at 5cm 75% for 24 hours....OH MY I WAS in so much pain. The contractions were going 3/4 the way up the page and I was in tears and breathing thru each one...but my cervix just stalled out! i only got to a loose 5 (so 5.5cm). So again she said since i was still early she wouldn't help it i went home....still contracting painfully 2-3 min apart.

    for 4 days this continued and I instructions to take tylenol round the clock and when the pain breaks thru tylenol to greater than 5/10 pain to come back in....since my contractions were already close together we went off pain instead...well and pressure.

    So glad my mom was there bc it was an AWFUL 4 days but on Sunday night I started feeling like i was going to be sick with each one...the pain was manageable bc of tylenol but I kept thinking I would be sick....did that all night and first thing Monday (5/4) i called the oB and they said come in immediately. I got to the office by 10am and I was 6cm 75% 0 station. I was 36w6d so she said I cannot send you home at this point and you are so close to 37 we have to get this going or you will have this baby at home! I went to L&D and by the time they admitted me and hooked me up on monitors i was 7cm. They called the doc to come break my water and by the time she got there I was 8cm and my heart was racing 200' they broke my water and put on EKG to check out my heart. I started feeling really lightheaded and looked over at the EKG and sure enough I saw PVC's and PAC's like every few beats....I called the nurse and told her and she said yeah we just saw that and have already called cardiology. My nurse came in to try to get me calmed down...laying on left side etc. and i said i need to push! She checked me and sure enough baby was right there and I was 10cm! SHe called doc and I was yelling "i gotta push now!" haha so they room quickly turned over and they let me give a small push to get her down and crowning. And then realized she was coming NOW. SO they yelled out in the hall and grabbed a random doc at the desk that was filling out charts on a patient...she quickly put scrubs on and ran in just in time to catch her....I was NOT waiting! One big push and she was OUT!
    mrsmiu responded:
    Congratulations! Sounds like a rough four days of labor, but you were rewarded with just ONE push - awesome! Enjoy your LO.
    blackab responded:
    She wasn't crying when she came out. They thought it was because she shot out so fast she didn't get that good suction in the birth canal so they spent a good amount of time suctioning and she kept going from pink to blue. She held her color for a few minutes so they let me nurse her...she nursed like a champ and then I had to hand her off to go the nursery for her full checkup. When they got her up there she was cyanotic (blue) so they rushed her to NICU and she has been there ever since. Right now they are just hoping its (floppy airways)...obstrucitve apnea from underdeveloped lungs but she was acting kinda cardiac at first so they did an echo and she does have PDA but thats normal for it to still be open 30 hours after birth...esp 3 weeks early.

    She has to breathe on her own, start feedings (she hasn't eaten yet bc they suctioned out every bit that i fed her when she was cyanotic)....maintain temp and prob start billi lights in next few days since she isn't eating she will get jaundiced. THey don't have an estimation as to how long this will take but we know she will be healthy..just takes time.

    I leave to go home tomorrow and i know she won't be ready by then so that is going to be really hard since we live 45 min from the hospital....I will feel like i have to choose between her and my 2 year old everyday :-/

    It could be much worse so we are counting our blessings and thanking GOD for the health that she does have because this NICU is a level 4....lots of very sick babies in there so she is doing really well.

    I thought it was funny my nurse just came in and said the doc that delivered me was at the desk asking how I was doing and told them all it was the easiest delivery she has ever had....haha I crack up bc it was easy for her! all she had to do was catch the baby! Oh and I had no tears...which is awesome because i tore bad with DS and WOW what a difference recovery has been..this has been cake!
    Taylove11 responded:
    I'm sorry to hear that you had such a rough labor but a huge congratulations!
    blackab replied to blackab's response:
    Oh and my doc and cardiology showed up 10 min after i delivered haha. Cardiology cleared me bc I was no longer symptomatic. but my heart was still racing and my blood pressure was off the they just monitored me and had to stay in L&D an extra 5 hours till it normalized then i got sent up to post partum so everything turned out fine.
    jle09 responded:
    tamliz08 responded:
    WOW, I cannot believe everything that you have to go through to have your babies! Congratulations on your new little princess. :) I hope she can get through everything quickly and go home very soon.

    Again, congratulations!!
    peachyisthelife responded:
    Oh wow what a ride! It definitely sounds like she will recover well, but that must be so hard to watch your baby like that!

    Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Congratulations! My first came out so fast the nurse was holding my daughter's head while my mom went screaming in Italian.
    SESB1980 responded:
    You are a stronger woman than I am! Phew! I know you are glad to be finished with labor.

    Congrats!! She is a great size for being 3 weeks early. She is bigger than my DD was at 39 weeks! Hope she progresses quickly and gets to go home soon!
    ljlflorida responded:
    Congratulations! I can't imagine being sent home in that much pain for several days but at least your daughter is here now. Hopefully she'll have a super speedy recovery and get to go home real soon. :)
    dwaw02 responded:
    Congratulations! Sounds like a rough few days...hope your baby gets to come home soon.

    Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Congratulations! That was a very difficult 4 days.
    tabby62010 replied to Lainey_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Congratulations. Glad you're labor is finally over! Your baby will do just fine and go home healthy.
    Kami2008 replied to blackab's response:
    Keep your chin up! I know how what you are going through all too well. Lily has been in the NICU since the 25th of April! Its hard especially with having a 17month old at home and being an hour away from the hospital. They don't get all the fluid out of their lungs when they are born so quickly thats what happened with Lily as well. I pushed 3 times and she was out but I think if I had pushed harder I could've gotten her out in one big push as well...

    They couldn't decide if Lily had RDS or pneumonia so they just treated her for both. It is so hard though having a little one in the NICU and not being able to take them home. If you need to talk email me....I know what your going

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