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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Appetite changes?
Taylove11 posted:
Hello ladies! I just hit 3rd tri. I'm 27w2d today. :)

Anyway, I was just curious to see if I was the only one that has had appetite changes lately? Everything I have read has said that I should have a hearty appetite, especially entering the 3rd tri, but it seems that mine has just vanished.

I wanted to eat everything all the time from about 18 weeks - 26 weeks and all of the sudden, it seems that I don't have much hunger or desire to eat. I'm back to eating 3 small meals per day (instead of 5-6 small meals or snacks) and I have a hard time finishing them. Just wanted to see if I am the only one? Thanks!

mlmaddox responded:
i'm 31w4d today and this has happened to me. i'm carrying an extremly large baby and was told that my change in appetite is normal because my stomach just doesnt have much room to expand anymore. it seems, in my case, that it takes longer for my food to digest also so i dont get hungry nearly as often.
tamliz08 responded:
Later in your pregnancy, most women tend to have less of an appetite. Your baby is taking up most of the room in your abdomen, so your stomach is squished and has less room for food. (Same concept with your bladder!!)

I've had an insane appetite with this pregnancy, and it is finally starting to calm down now that baby is getting bigger. I am 24 weeks.

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