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Does this sound like BHC
nharvey2010 posted:
Hi ladies, I am 29 weeks and have been having a lot of lower abdominal cramping(like period cramps) and lower back pain the past about 3 days. This morning the pain woke me up and it would hurt but be somewhat bearable and then it would get really bad where I just had to take deep breaths till it passed(which was about 15 seconds or so). I had about 3-4 of the bad pains within about 45 mins.
I finally took some tylenol and used a heating pad on my lower back which seemed to ease the pain just a little, not much. I'm a first timer so I have no idea what anything is.
The pain is not near as bad now, but I do still have a constant abdominal cramping and lower back pain. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?
I don't want to call the OB if its nothing.
TIA for your help!!

one more thing...i have also started getting kinda light headed just now. not sure if its related at all or not.
OhBabyTaylor responded:
Could be BHC or could be Round Ligament pains since it's lower...take it easy and drink LOTS of water!!
Temeritee responded:
Honestly, that doesn't sound like BHC to me, I'd call your doc just to be sure!
Taylove11 responded:
I would call your doc to be sure. BHC usually are not painful. They usually just feel like your uterus gets really hard for a little while.

If you are having real contrax, my doc said to call if I ever had 4 or more in one hour. You said that you had 3-4 in the last 45 minutes. I would call to be safe. Best wishes!

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