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painful spot on tummy
5ylver posted:
I have this one spot on my stomach that is sensitive today. It hasn't been before but today I've noticed when I rub my belly there's one spot that just hurts. like one of those pimples you just hate to touch, the ones that have no white head they are just a huge bump that's sensitive to touch, it has that feeling. it's not killing me but it is awkward. has anyone had a spot like this on your tummy? IDK what it could be. there's nothing there, no bump or anything.
MrsC0802 responded:
I have had the same thing since about week 25 or so. I am 35 weeks now. I mentioned it to my doc and he siad it was the baby's position. Probably legs or knees crammed into a tony spot. I am very short waisted, so there's not much room for the baby to stretch out.
I actually posted a very similar messsage to yours.
5ylver replied to MrsC0802's response:
hmmm lol I usually never wander past the first page lol but glad I'm not alone. it does feel like her head or something is right there but I had never had this problem when she was there before, then again she is growing lol. A lot of her movements hurt so for a while there I was beginning to think she scraped my insides! haha crazy me....
5ylver responded:
it only hurts when it is touched. een when I was sitting on the couch and had the couch pillow/armrest pillow in my lap even that touching against my tummy felt weird... Pregnancy is strange at times lol
DeeMommy2Be replied to 5ylver's response:
I had this exact same thing happen to me the other night but it only lasted for a few hours. It was in my lower belly like 4 inches under my bellybutton. I assume it must have been baby's position if it only lasted a little while. Mine also only bothered when I rubbed it. Pregnancy sure is strange!
EMB2006 responded:
I've had a similar feeling for about a week now-I'm 30 weeks. It's in the lower right corner of my belly and it hurts when I move like getting up out of bed, out of a chair or rolling over in bed. To me it feels like a strained muscle. Baby must be using that spot as a punching bag because the past couple of days that where I've felt a lot of movement. It comes and goes so I'm sure it's just the position he's in. I'm going to mention it to my doctor next week but I'm not too worried about it. Seems like several of us have active babies that have found a 'magic' spot lol!! Not sure if this helped but good luck and hope you find the answer you're looking for!
BamBam85 replied to EMB2006's response:
i have the same thing except mine is my belly button! It hurts to touch it or when i bend over or when i'm just sitting here! But it only lasts a few minutes and then goes away. It must be the way the baby is laying at that particular moment. I don't have an answer for you but at least you know you aren't alone!!
Temeritee responded:
I had that for about a month. It would only hurt around my husband lol. It was like a small sand dollar sized spot just around my ribs. It hurt just like you are describing too. I've had that with my other two pregnancies, in the exact same spot, and I've always wondered what it was!
solivylove responded:
If the pain is surrounding your belly button it could be a hernia. No need to get freaked out though, as it should go away after delivery. It is because that is where your umbilical cord was when you where in utero and it had been open for blood vessels ect. and when you get stretched due to having a growing baby in there it kinda opens back up. It should go away after delivery and try putting your feet up if it becomes real bothersome. The weight of the baby and gravity can really pull on your belly when standing
NervousBride replied to solivylove's response:
Hi just wanted to say I am having the same pain in my belly button. I had this after delivering my first 8 years ago for about a month. It hurt just to touch it, it was awful, but then it went away before I went to the doctor so I kind of just forgot about it. Until now when it came back this past weekend! I'm 29 weeks so I'm not sure if the baby is pushing on that area or if it is a hernia, but I'm going to ask my OB about it next week. GL to you!!!
5ylver responded:
It doesn't hurt today at all. so my guess is that she must have been sticking out a lot in that area that it being stretched was just a little painful. Glad we all have been there, now we're not outcasts and have a little insight on what it was lol

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