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can u dilate without contractions?
An_216620 posted:
just wondering if ur cervix can dialate without having contractions? ive been in soo much pain down there and it feels different than my regular pelvic pain. im not contracting(that i know of)but it hurts so bad i took a long shower and secretly cried the whole time. im 37 wks and have a dr appt tmrw including a pelvic exam and my oh my im scared its gonna hurt plus he might strip mb too. what have i gotten myself into? i know ill ask him, but my appt isnt until 2 in the afternoon so if anyone knows the answer to my question id appreciate the feedback- maybe u had a similar experience?
cowgirlup96 responded:
You could be having braxton hicks or back labor which can cause you to dilate without being in labor. With my daughter I was 4cms dilated from 27wks until 36wks when I had her. With my son this time I was 1cm dilated and had no REAL contgractions but had back pain and a whole lot of vag pressure to the point I couldnt walk or sit. Which could have been a form of contgractions i just ignored them. So yes you can dilate without contgraction.
bcfrost816 replied to cowgirlup96's response:
yes, you sure can. I remember with my first DD at my 36 week check up I was 2 cm. dilated and had not had any contractions. Either that, or they were never strong enough for me to notice.

Don't worry about the pelvic exam, I did not think that it hurt at all. Just feels like a regular pap to me. I know some women say it hurts, but I did not think it did. I also had my membranes stripped at 39 weeks and I did not think that hurt either. Just a side note, once I had my membranes stripped I went into labor about an hour later.
bugs1981 responded:
i got checked at 35 weeks 1 day and there was nothing going on and then at my 36 week appointment (6 days later!) I was 3 cm and 90% with no contractions in that time frame! I am hoping the same thing is happening right now! Let us know and best of luck to you!

PS- I had her the next day after only 4 hours of start to finish labor! :) I hope you have a similar situation!
Lysana responded:
With both of mine, by the time I was induced (just past 39w), I had dilated to 3 cm without any noticeable contractions. Maybe a few more BHC with my son (#2) but with DD, I didn't feel anything before getting to 3 cm.

Kelly (31) ~*~ Eliana (3) ~*~ Joshua (1.5) ~*~ Rebekah (30w6d, EDD 7/16)
An_216621 responded:

i asked my doc before he did the exam and basically said u need contractions to dialate then checked me and i was 2 and 1/2 cm! he was like are u sure u havent been having contractions?? not that i know of and he said if i keep progressing this way (last week i was at 0) i wont make it to my due date- may 31-. bring it on im ready! im not sure if he stripped my mb and i forgot to ask. ill probably call tmrw to see.

cute side note-- my 3 1/2 yr old said after u have the baby u wont have a baby in the tummy and u can get back to ur little again!!! im with ya son!

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