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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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YAY 37 weeks and full moon!
MommyCole1111 posted:
Hey ladies just wanted to share I am officially term today! It seemed like I would never get to this point I am just so excited! I have a doctors appt today as well so I am hoping they will check me. Anyday now he could be here I just cant believe it! Also its a full moon tonite lol I know its a wives tale but hey I can hope that maybe it will put me into labor! we will just have to wait and see. any full moon labor stories here?! :)
mommy2_3_monsters responded:
Congrats! I am one day behind you. I will be term tomorrow. I'm so nervous about this delivery. I am attempting a vbac and my last was 9lbs 10oz.

22 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me (33), DH (37), DS (15), DD (4), DS (2)EDD 6/18 It's a Boy!!!! Our last
tdub089 responded:
Yay!! Congrats! It feels amazing to hit full term..doesn''t are almost there...hopefully the wives tell comes true tonight..because I am ready to meet this little girl!
Tiffany(20) EDD 6/7/2010 Pink Team Ja'Nya Tanae
MrsC0802 responded:
Hi. I'm just one day ahead of you. Hit full term yesterday.

Had my doctor's appointment and the nurse asked if I planned to be induced. I said I wasn't planning on it. She said that my doc will allow women to choose if they want induction at 39 weeks. I had never heard of that, but I guess it makes it easier on him because it's scheduled. As much as I want to meet my baby, I want him/her to be big and fat and I want the baby to come when he/she is ready. It seems unnatural (to me, that is) to induce without a medical reason. 50% of women deliver AFTER their due dates, so it could be a few long weeks for both of us :-)
MommyCole1111 responded:
Ok so update on appt.! I am 2cm and have a super soft cervix! I know you can stay at 2cm for awhile but I am just so xcited knowing there is some progress! YAY just thought I would share
BamBam85 replied to MommyCole1111's response:
DTD!! DTD!! DTD!!! I was that way too and when we DTD that night I went into labor and had her the next day!!
Ashley(25), DH(26, DD(7), angel baby, DS(3), TTC since May '09 BFP 11/13/09 EDD 7/21/2010 Green TEAM 3 furbabies (1 Dog, 2 Cats) Bella, Ramsey
ClosetRocker replied to MommyCole1111's response:
Wow MommyCole, that went kinda quick!!!! I remember us being on the 2nd tri msg boards together. SHEESH! Congrats on being 2cm, hopefully it goes fast for you
DH 34, Me 27 and our 1st due on 07/13!!! Pink team, baby. OMG, we're so excited!!!!!!

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