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Craving laundry detergent
ClosetRocker posted:
and it is awful!!!! I am a ex-smoker and this soap powder thing is worse than any craving that I EVER had for a cigarette. I told the Dr. about it and she said that I have a iron deficiency and now I have to take 2 iron supplements daily (eck). I'm still having these stupid, stinking cravings and I'm going nuts. I even tasted some detergent the other day and it was awful but I still want it!!! I'm feeling like the weirdest woman in the world. DH just looks at me and shakes his head lol.

Is there some way to satisfy my craving without actually eating soap powder? I crave the gritty feeling in my teeth. I have tried ice, Pixie Stix and Fun Dip to no avail. Any suggestions?? Please help me!
DH 34, Me 27 and our 1st due on 07/13!!! Pink team, baby. OMG, we're so excited!!!!!!
bcfrost816 responded:
Yikes, I've heard of this condition in pregnant is pica. People can have this anytime, but it seems to happen to a decent amount of pregnant women too.

Just be careful to not give into your cravings, detergent can be very dangerous and harmful. If the cravings get too bad, you should talk to your OB again. Good luck!
Courtney (28) DH (30) DD Peyton 17 months; baby girl 2 EDD 9/26/10
RachelRX responded:
I agree with PP - don't give in to that craving! How long have you been on 2 iron supplements a day? They may not be sufficient. You should call your OB and explain that the craving hasn't been curbed so they can further advise you.

My honest advice - run your powdered soap over to your neighbor until you feel less tempted. Good luck!!
ashleyjane87 responded:
I agree with the PP, try getting rid of your powdered detergent and go with liquid stuff till baby comes. You aren't weird, it happens to many women. Some crave chalk dust, some crave dirt, some crave ice (like me). Good for you for trying to substitute edible things for detergent, keep trying and yeah talk to your OB again. Unfortunately, it take iron about 4-6 weeks to build up the levels that would effect change in your cravings so you may not need to take more necessarily, you may just need to be patient. I know, easier said than done, but hang in there:)
ClosetRocker replied to RachelRX's response:
I'm trying to be strong but it is wearing on my discipline LOL. I even tried to switch brands from Gain (because gain smells sooooo good) to Tide but that's not helping. My aunt suggested that I switch to liquid detergent, maybe that will help too.

I have only been taking the supplement twice per day for about a week now so maybe I still need a little time. I will definitely call the doc if these stupid cravings don't lighten up over the weekend. **SIGH** I wish that there was something else that could satisfy it.
DH 34, Me 27 and our 1st due on 07/13!!! Pink team, baby. OMG, we're so excited!!!!!!
ClosetRocker replied to ashleyjane87's response:
oh no 4-6 weeks!! Shoot me! LOL!!!!!
DH 34, Me 27 and our 1st due on 07/13!!! Pink team, baby. OMG, we're so excited!!!!!!
MizLeah responded:
LOL I don't have any suggestions but I hope you feel comfort in knowing I had such a bad craving for dish washer soap - the powder kind. So I understand wanting that feeling on your teeth and the smell drove me nuts!! I wanted it so bad but once I started taking the extra iron, it slowly subsided. I even convinced DBF to try a little with me!!
RachelRX replied to ClosetRocker's response:
Good for you, though - getting on the boards and talking about it! Hopefully it helps you just ignore the laundry room!! I have only liquid and about 30 loads to do at any given time - maybe if you lived closer this would be a good thing! I could keep you company AND away from powdered soap! ;)

Hang in there!
kamahri_n_me responded:
My step mom used to "drink" Laundry starch not like spray starch u iron with but the powder laundry starch u actually put in the washer. She would open the corner of the box stick a straw in it and suck up the powder. She said it "taste like laundry smells" lol she did this for a long time and i if my memory serves me correctly she wasnt pregnant when she was doing this. weird i know. she also would crunch on uncooked spaghetti noodles and i even started doin it lol this may help with a somewhat gritty feeling. I even used to eat uncooked ramen noodles (w/o the seasoning packet) they taste like saltine crackers minus the salt to me and may give u the same effect of the gritty feeling and at least they are food items that wont hurt u. HTH a little lol.
Me-24 DF-26 DS1-9 DS-EDD 7/18/10(But doc says expect him early b/c she won't let me go past 37 weeks if he doesn't come on his own b/c he's sooo big)

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