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What do you miss?
Larissa_1985 posted:
I didn't have a very long period between my two pregnancies, my daughter was 14 months when I got pregnant this time. So I had a small window to enjoy the things I missed the first time around, and once again I'm looking forward to enjoying them once this baby is born. I miss my over easy eggs in the morning, my medium rare steaks, sushi and of course beer! What are you missing the most? It doesn't have to be food really, anything!
Me 24 DH 28 DD 19mnths DD2 due 9/2/2010
tamliz08 responded:
I miss sleeping on my stomach, and not having to pee every 5 minutes. I also miss cuddling my little girl close, without this huge belly in my way. I also miss drinking caffeine without feeling guilty. I still drink it, but I hate this guilty feeling...
DD - 11/19/08 - DS - EDD 9/1/10
AltMomma responded:
Well, my son was 9 months when I got pregnant this time, so I really didnt get much time to enjoy things.
I miss sleeping on my stomach, having bladder control. I miss energy..I honestly am so tired all the time. I miss working..
And caffiene. I try not to drink it, but i'm used to tons of coffee, so its definetly a sucky thing.
Larissa_1985 replied to AltMomma's response:
I allow myself one caffeinated drink a day, to keep away the headaches, I don't see the harm, I understand how a mom can feel guilty though.
I miss sleeping on my back! I miss not having to worry about salt consumption, I miss seeing my feet and being able to shave without having to guess! HAH.
Me 24 DH 28 DD 19mnths DD2 due 9/2/2010
tabby62010 replied to Larissa_1985's response:
Can I just say.....ALL OF THE ABOVE!

I also drink 1/2 coffee 1/2 milk in the morning and that's about all the caffeine I'll allow myself.

One thing I don't working (AltMomma). :)

I also miss the sleeping on my stomach, because my left hip is sore and painful. I miss sleeping through the night. I miss a glass of wine once in a while. I miss wearing my regular shoes instead of flip flops all the time. I miss my usual energetic self.
Me(30), DH(40), DD(10), DS(6). Baby 3 due 6/20/10! Can't wait!
MommyLuvs02 responded:
I miss sleeping in any position I want and not being in pain whenever I roll over, I miss coffee every morning, seeing my feet, no constant back pain, shaving, painting my toes comfortably, my energy, and my mostly flat tummy. :(

I breastfed my first son until he was 7 months, then found out I was pregnant again when he was just over a year so my grace period was far too short. I told my husband after this one NO more kids at least for 7 years, but I wouldn't mind being done. I love my kids but they will be plenty of work for just 2 of them.

But aside from all that, I love my kids with all my heart and I wouldn't trade them for anything. :)
Me(19) Daddy(21) Big Bro Hunter Terrance (20m) EDD 6/24/2010 Austin Michael or Austin Matthew. All very very excited. :)
mkdawn06 responded:
I miss sleeping on my side. I know ur supposed to sleep on ur left side perferbably when preggo. i cant sleep on anything but my back. When i sleep on my side when i move later in the nite or to get up for any reason i get this stabbing pain in my groin area. So i try to avoid it all together. Id rather have back pain. The other thing i so dearly miss is a big 32 oz pepsi! Im sure it wouldnt hurt if i had one. But i tend to get really dehydrated when preggo and pop is the number one thing to lead me to get dehydrated. Pepsi is the first thing i am going to ask for after having my lo. LOL!
Danielle 25, Dh 26, Makayla 4, Jordin 07/20/2009-09/03/2009 to sids. Baby boy Adyn edd July 6th
RachelRX responded:
I'm going to sound wrong - but I miss medicine. I have cluster headaches and neck issues, so I frequently would take things like Ibuprofen or Fioricet (for the headaches). Benadryl if I couldn't sleep... (Okay, I sound pathetic, but really.) I miss not just taking a pill so I could feel better. I'm the wussiest person you'll ever meet, and I look forward to resuming my relationship with feeling comfortable again.
DaleCDean29 responded:
I miss sleeping on my back, and cookie dough, oh and all the lovely seafood I used to eat before pregnancy. Mostly though I miss my old body.
Taylove11 responded:
I miss sleeping on my tummy, cold sandwiches, margaritas, playing softball, jet skiing and water skiing, drinking coffee, licking the brownie batter, eating sauces with raw eggs (like hollandasie), etc.

It's all worth it to have a healthy LO though. :)
Taryn(22), DH(29) Expecting our first! EDD 8/08. Pink team. HR on 5/27 was 145BPM
mommyof3kiddos responded:
I miss drinking as much caffene as I want without either having to keep track or feel super guilty. I miss sleeping on my stomach and back. I miss being able to comfortably rock the kids without tons of pressure on my stomach. I think they miss it too. Most of all....I miss my prozac. lol I know crazy but I feel so much better on it than off!
Mommy of three crazy kids ages 4, 3, and 1. Twin girls due August!
mommy2_3_monsters responded:
I really miss sleeping comfortably, wine and the closeness between DH and I.
Me (33), DH (37), DS (15), DD (4), DS (2)EDD 6/18 It's a Boy!!!! Our last
AltMomma replied to Taylove11's response:
Lol, i still lick brownie batter from time to time..i really can't help it. Also, i'm not the biggest saint when it comes to cold sandwiches..oh and cookie dough, i'm guilty of that too!
BamBam85 replied to AltMomma's response:
I really miss sleeping anyway I want just because i can, I miss pepsi it gives me really bad heartburn so I can't have it, I miss being intimate with my DH and feeling sexy, i miss playing softball, i miss having an adult beverage just because i can, i miss laying out in the sun and not worring about if i'm getting too hot, i miss walking my dog without starting contractions, i miss my body.
Ashley(25), DH(26, DD(7), angel baby, DS(3), TTC since May '09 BFP 11/13/09 EDD 7/21/2010 Green TEAM 3 furbabies (1 Dog, 2 Cats) Bella, Ramsey
ashleyjane87 responded:
I miss sleeping through the night, I miss my clothes and being all cute and skinny, I miss being able to take a deep breath haha, I miss cocktails, I miss awesome sex ( I am on pelvic rest :( ) I miss caffiene, I miss my ample patience levels, I miss my smooth stretch-mark free boobies and tummy :(

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