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bladder pain..anyone else?
nharvey2010 posted:
Ok, so for about the past week or so I have been cramping really bad in my lower abdomen. My dr said that its just streching. (Im 33 weeks). I have also been having a lot of bladder pain for the past week also, and sometimes it literally feels like a knife is stabbing me in the bladder...VERY PAINFUL. I almost drop to the floor every time it hits. I go to pee after this pain and either nothing or only a few drops will come out. I called my advice nurse on monday and she had me go in to do a urine culture. I just got a call that everything came back normal. But today the pain seems even worse, I cant stop going to pee ( like I went about 4 times in the past hour). And no matter how empty my bladder is, it still hurts very bad. I have also been having a lot of BHC the past couple of weeks.
Has anyone experience anything like this or have any advice for me? The pain is starting to get unbarable.
bcfrost816 responded:
Yuck, I'd call your OB back and tell them your symptoms are worse and not getting better. Certainly sounds like a UTI or a bladder infection for sure!
Courtney (28) DH (30) DD Peyton 17 months; baby girl 2 EDD 9/26/10
Kami2008 replied to bcfrost816's response:
It also sounds like it could be a kidney stone which the symptoms mimic a bladder infection and pregnant woman are prone to getting kidney stones. I actually passed stones 3 weeks after giving birth that were most likely the cause of my "phantom" bladder infections during pregnancy. I think my OB thought I was crazy I kept saying I know I have a UTI and they would do a culture with nothing showing up it was so annoying and painful! But the moment I passed the stone all the UTI symptoms were gone! I would call and ask to be checked for kidney stones they can look for them by doing a U/S. Good luck I hope you feel better soon!
nharvey2010 replied to Kami2008's response:
Thanks for the advice! i have tried a warm shower, drinking water, and laying on my left side to try to help pain and nothing is working. I started writing down how often the sharp pain is coming today and I get it anywhere between every 2-6 mins. But i dont really think its contractions because its only in my lower abdomen and bladder. I do have a history of kidney stones and didnt even think of that. I just know im in a lot of pain, and as soon as i went to call the advice nurse again my phone decided to die and will not turn back on. this is just not a good day so far!!
AltMomma responded:
I have the same thing. I have horrible stabbing pains sometimes in my bladder, and then I go pee, and 10 minutes later, i got to go again. So, i understand. My doctor said the same thing. Im going to ask them for a uterine culture at my next appt, and watch it come back normal too!
Ah, the mysterious wonders of pregnancy.
nharvey2010 replied to AltMomma's response:
I actually ended up going to L&D yesterday afternoon because the pain was continuing and not getting any better no matter what i did. They did another urine check and it came back with blood in it. She checked to make sure it wasnt vaginal bleeding(which it wasnt) and my cervix is still closed, and no contractions. She said I have a bladder infection so i am now on meds for that. I already feel much better today!!! I am so glad I went. Hope they can figure yours out, cause if the pain was anything like mine i wouldnt want to go much longer with it. Good luck to you!!
AltMomma replied to nharvey2010's response:
Well, i went to the doctor this afternoon. I started to have uterine tenderness, and the baby stopped moving for a while, so i got scared. Turns out that i have a "start" of a bladder infection. Not sure what that means, lol, but they put me on antibiotics. I sure hope it helps, because this is some VERY ungodly pain.
They also told me if i wouldnt have asked for a culture, and the infection progressed, it may have brought on preterm labor (which is scary because I was having contractions off and on for the past week). Good thing I went in!!!
nharvey2010 replied to AltMomma's response:
So glad you went! I think i luckly caught mine pretty early on too. Which I am glad because as you said it can lead to preterm labor. And yes the pain was ungodly. Glad you are now on meds and I wish you a great rest of pregnancy!! :)

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