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VENT: Feeling like Crap
ashleyjane87 posted:
Ughhh.... I am 34 weeks and 3 days and for the last 3 or 4 days I have had diahrrea, nausea and contractions. I remember when I was pregnant wth DD, this happened to me the day I went into labor and thanks to WebMD message boards, I now know that it can happen even if you aren't in true labor. Well,....great. I am pouting because I am tried of feeling like crap. I just want this to be over. On top of this, I am on nifedipine which is also making me feel horrible. I feel like I'm in my first tri dealing with MS all over again :( The irritating thing is that I live like 45 minutes from the hospital and I am really scared that my labor is gonna be really fast and I'll go into labor whie DH is at work (1 hr away) so it'll be 2 hours before I can get to the hospital. Also, it's irritating that I can't just have a "normal" pregnancy per se, where everything is fine and dandy until one day: whoops! My water breaks and I know for sure it's time to go in to the hospital. No, instead I'm dealing with crappy preterm labor that puts me in L&D almost weekly despite the fact that I'm on medication at home to stop it. We do okay financially, but it is really taking a toll on our savings having to pay for these constant visits to L&D. Of course I don't want to have the baby this early (34.5 wks) but c'mon already, I'm ready for all this feeling like crap to be OVER and I can just hold my little baby. My dr will let me go into labor at 36 weeks, so I only have 1.5 weeks left before I can go into L&D and they won't stop my labor but of course with my luck, after 1.5 weeks, all contractions will stop and I'll be overdue or something :( Ugh, sorry to be such a downer, it's just been one of those weeks so far.
EMB2006 responded:
Sorry you're feeling so bad. I can relate. I'm 35 weeks now. I had to go to L&D last Thursday and Friday for contractions and they gave me medicine that stopped them for now. They didn't send me home with any medicine because my heart rate was too high but thankfully I really haven't had any more contractions since Sunday night. I went to my doctor yesterday and she told me she would not stop my labor if it happened now. I'm 1 1/2 cm dialated and 50% effaced but the baby is still high and my cervix is still kind of high so I'm not sure when I'll go into labor. Since my doctor has now said she wouldn't stop me I feel like I'll make it to my due date and probably be a week late lol. I've also had diarrhea for the past few days and my doctor told me it's b/c everything is running out of room and to stop eating big/heavy meals and eat light meals and snack all day. Hope this helps and that you find relief soon!! I'll be thinking about you!!
Erin (24)-DH (24)-one spoiled dog-BFP 11/13/09-EDD 07/18/10-Blue Team-Lucas Charles!!!
Taylove11 responded:
I'm sorry that you are having such a rough week. I hope that you feel better soon and the PTL stops. Feel free to whine anytime. That's what we are all here for. I hope that you are able to hold on the the LO for a little while. Best wishes!!!
Taryn(22), DH(29) Expecting our first after trying for 13 months! EDD 8/08. Pink team. HR on 6/9 was 159BPM
ashleyjane87 replied to Taylove11's response:
Thank you ladies for the support :) I can't really vent to my mother about this because she snaps at me and says, "You should be on your knees thanking God for everyday that you are still pregnant, how dare you wish that away??" I understand where she is coming from, but c'mon Mom, I just want a hug and some more reassurance that contrary to how this seems, it will not last forever! It's nice to have other mommies on here who know where I'm coming from.

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