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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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28 wks 3 days
bitesizehoney posted:
Hey ladies,
This is my first week on the third tri boards and I just came back from my third ultrasound. My LO is actually head down with her legs curled up by my belly button. A co-worker told me that it wasn't good that she's already getting into position, but I thought babies move all throughout the pregnancy. Dr said she looks good at 2 lbs 10 oz and didn't comment about her position... so I'm happy and not worried... Should I be?
Jackie (27) SO (28) First due 09/05. Pink Team!
Bandia1206 responded:
Hello and welcome to 3rd tri! Lol No, it isn't a bad thing. Your baby will definately move around between now and the time she "should" be head down. She still has plenty of room and time to float around and flip around, and will likely do so. Her being head down now means absolutely nothing. Just let your co-worker go in one ear, and otu the other :P.

Sounds like everything is great! Congrats on making it this far! I hope that your final tri is a breeze hun :).
Ashley(20), DH-Paul(27)-Angel baby 3/09- BFP 11/17/09 , EDD 7/21/10. Team Blue!!! Tristan Alexander is on his way!
ReneeErin replied to Bandia1206's response:
My doctor said that even by 27 weeks 75% of babies are head down. I'm in the unlucky 25% that aren't...
Jennax907 responded:
My DD is still not head down :( With DS he was head down at 25 weeks. Hopefully she will turn so-I want to avoid a c-section at all cost.
DH(Sean) Me(Jenna) DS (Blaine-3/28/10) DD-EDD 9/20
sarahdud responded:
Everything sounds great! I don't think you have a thing to be worried about. The baby will most likely still move around a lot since she still has room. My baby boy was breech at my 28 week appt but the Dr said they aren't concerned until 35 weeks, then we start talking about trying to turn him or just scheduling a c-section.

Sarah (27) DH (27) m/c (09/2004) DD (4) DD (3) EDD (09/01/10)--blue team!
Expectingababy7 responded:
at my appt on tuesday my doctor told me that they wouldnt even check the babies position until 32 weeks and even then it really doesnt concern them if the baby isnt in the head down position then cause they still have so much room to move. You should just ignore your co-worker at this point. and btw we are both having a girl and are due very close to each other. congrats.
Taylove11 responded:
Congrats on making it to the third tri.

I agree with the pps. Ignore her. My LO has been head down at every u/s I have had and the doc wasn't concerned at all. Most babies have already turned head down at 28 weeks and my doc said if they are not, they still have plenty of time and space to move around.

Good luck!
Taryn(22), DH(29) Expecting our first after trying for 13 months! EDD 8/08. Pink team. HR on 6/9 was 159BPM

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