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    Holding a gift hostage? LOL
    orin34 posted:
    LOL......... I thought you ladies would get a kick out of this because it is just plain ridiculous.
    As many of you know, my mil went to my bil's graduation last weekend. My FIL was also there (mil and fil are divorced). FIL gave mil "a gift" to give to us. Don't know what the gift is, but with him it is usually gift cards. SO........ my mil is holding the gift hostage. LMAO.
    DH was the one that talked to her and he told her that she could drop it off at his work or he could come pick it up before work (he works 10 minutes away from where she lives). She refused!!!! She said "No, your sister (my 19 yr old sil who recently moved out and is as equally annoying as mil) is coming home on thursday so we will just come over" . . . DH told her that she had better not and to clear it with me first and she said "oh I will" (yeah right).
    So she isn't going to give us the gift from FIL unless she is allowed to come over to our house and invade my space and drive me crazy.
    Could I just let her come over? Yes... I could..... If I weren't so busy. I am 39 weeks and I have a house to clean, a doctors appointment on Friday, and my mom and I are doing stuff this weekend. And that is all IF I don't go into labor........ DH told her that I was pretty much booked solid unless Labor starts and she told him "Fine, and that she would keep it until she is cleared to go into the labor room then".
    She is starting to realize that I hold all the cards (the baby) and she is trying to use ANYTHING she can to get to gain leverage back on me, but come on.... a baby gift? she really thinks that is going to make me jump to attention? LOL
    KatieS83 responded:
    LOL, that sounds like my Mil. She refused to even go to my baby shower because it wasnt held where she wanted it held, and she claims she never got an invite (even though she had all the info). I give you HUGE (((((((((hugs)))))))))) and reassurance that i feel your pain!
    roni090909 responded:
    Does DH talk to his FIL? He should just causally bring up what she is doing. Not make a big deal about just say something in a joking manner.

    My MIL is drives me crazy but she is a saint compared to yours.
    Me (30) DH (37) DS (10/20/08) and New Baby Girl EDD 11/11/10
    mommyof3kiddos responded:
    hahahaha she is a peice of work. I am so sorry you have to actually live through these situations but at the same time they do provide a good laugh. She is c-r-a-z-y!!!!! I think you're right about her realizing she isn't in control anymore!
    Mommy of three crazy kids ages 4, 3, and 1. Twin girls due August!
    orin34 replied to roni090909's response:
    We will get it eventually...... I honestly don't really care. She has done this before with various other things and SIL follows suit. FIL has direct access to SIL's account so he transfered DH's birthday money into her account for SIL to give to DH (I think she kept half of it for herself this year, but that is just my suspicion) ...
    There is a lot of tension between FIL and MIL and situations like this would just add fuel to the fire..... and we don't need to be in the middle of a war. Like I said.... we will get it eventually, I just think it is funny that she actually thinks holding a gift hostage is going to win her any points or get her what she wants. lol
    MrsIvey responded:
    LOL! OMG, I totally could've seen this coming.
    me Erica (29), DH Jeremy (32), Angel Baby 8/23/2005, DD Emma Lou (2), Carmen Ruth EDD 7/4!!!
    Tiphawee replied to orin34's response:
    LOL oh my, my boyfriends mother was so jealous she didnt have anything really to do with the baby shower that she came (didnt bring us anything for the baby) just came and ate and a week later she called my boyfriend and asked if me and him could come over for dinner and have a mini baby shower just w me, him, his mom, his grandma, and his brother so they could give me gifts and what not.. i was like what? omg really?

    lol gotta love the inlaws
    hawaiianmommy responded:
    LMAO you think its bad now wait till the baby gets here then you will see just how bad it can get from my expricance it will get a who lot worse. lol good luck with that pain in the you know ware.
    jenny8709 responded:
    Oh wow, this reminds me of my MIL. She keeps buying clothes for the baby- but she doesn't give them to me- she has a whole wardrobe set for him- um, sorry to burst her bubble- but he will NOT be living there! Ugh! I'm dreading what she will be like after the baby is born, like Hawaiianmommy pointed out, and I believe her, this will just get WORSE! :(

    It sucks when in-laws are pains. I envy those who live HOURS away from theirs. Thankfully my parents are wonderful- why does it always seem to work that way?!
    Perron30 responded:
    I am very blunt sometimes I think I would probably have said to her, "If you are going to try to use the gift as a tool to get your way then keep it because I am not going to play games with you." Then let her know you will send your FIL a thank you card stating that she refused to give you the gift unless she got something in return.
    tamliz08 responded:
    That's hilarious! OMG. Unless that baby gift is a college fund and 24k gold baby rattle, I would tell her to shove it up her you know what.

    That's insane...
    DD - 11/19/08 - DS - EDD 9/1/10
    orin34 replied to hawaiianmommy's response:
    Oh god, I hope not. I know it will be bad but I was honestly hoping that once the "newness" wears off that she will take a hike and leave us in peace (wishful thinking.... she will never be a dream mother in law.... but at the very least I would hope that she could become tolerable). We will see how it goes.
    Jenny- it doesn't ALWAYS work that way. But it does seem to be the norm huh?
    I have to say my attitude about it is much better now that I know that whatever I say or do doesn't make a difference. My friend put it in perfect words: "You are like a prize cow or mare.... only worth a damn now that you are reproducing"
    (My friend is blunt just like She does have a point though, mil had minimal contact with us and involvement in our lives........until I got pregnant.
    KityKatK8 responded:
    I can see why your ILs got divorced. Yeah, I don't think this is going to get better for many years. Sorry you have to deal with this.

    Stay strong, you are the mommy and you are right, you are in the power position.

    Taylove11 responded:
    Lol... I'm sorry to hear that. That sounds like something my MIL would try. Just remember that you do hold all of the cards no matter what she tries!

    Hey, at least we are getting a lesson as to what not to do when we become MILs. ;) Hang in there girl!
    Taryn(22), DH(29) Expecting our first after trying for 13 months! EDD 8/08. Pink team. HR on 6/9 was 159BPM

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    Me-23, Hubby-23, First baby, Oliver Due 1/26/11.

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