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right side hip pain?
jenny8709 posted:
About 5 hours ago I started having a dull achy feeling around my right side hip bone. (I am short-5' so I have a small torso but it is the area right "under" or behind my hip bone, on the right.

I have no idea what to make or it... it kinda eases up and comes back. Has anyone dealt with anything like this? I was quite active today... maybe just stretched something?

I'm 29.5wks
shaunachelle responded:
I am having the same problem and what I find that works for me is doing some quick stretching and then slipping into a nice warm bath.
iceechic responded:
Heat def helps. My dr. has me in physical therapy for my owe back and hip pain. My hip pain is mostly on the left side. But at P.T. they massage, then i do exercises (pelvic tilts, marching, leg extensions while sitting on a balance ball, stabilizing myself by a table of couse) then they put heat on for 15 min. Has def helped me. I go 2 a week on my 6th week now.

Good Luck hope everything gets better.
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