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An_216687 posted:
I am 31 weeks pregnant. Last night I started having contractions about 3 minutes apart. After 4 hours I went into the ER and they gave me medication to calm my uterus down, and said to come in if I couldn't calm them down after a few hours again. Everything else was fine, my cervix was still pretty much closed and the baby was healthy (although annoyed as I was about the contractions I'm sure.) The pain (cramping) and the big contractions have stopped, but I still notice that my stomach is tightening every 5-7 minutes. Still there is no pain. Should I call my doctor, or maybe just let it go since they are not painful at all. No bleeding or anything like that either.
Taylove11 responded:
Sorry to hear about all the problems you're having. I would call your doctor just to be safe. They may want you to come in to be checked out. At the very least they should know that your contractions haven't stopped, even though they don't hurt. Good luck!
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mtlmayhem responded:
Sounds like it could be that you have an irritable uterus -- which essentially just means that it contracts very easily, and if the contractions become organized enough it could lead into full labor. The danger with an irritable uterus is the connection to preterm labor.

From what Ive read, at this point, if you continue to have episodes of labor patterns, you'll probably be back in the hospital for medicines to stop contractions again. But so long as the contractions dont further dilate the cervix, this is more of an annoyance but still something to keep your eye on...

lizhf2003 replied to mtlmayhem's response:
I had a similar experience at 31 weeks and they said I have an irritated uterus. I got 2 shots to develop his lungs in case he does come early. They called it a "threatened preterm labor" and expect me to go early. They put me on a medication to stop my cervix from thinning (I was 30% effaced). They may want to put you on something to be precautious. Either way, they need to know that your body is still contracting. Even if it doesn't hurt, it could be dilating you.
kate_self_in_love replied to lizhf2003's response:
i had this at 28 weeks this pregnancy and was in the hossy for about 5 hours befroe they gave me a shot of tetrabutaline which helped stop it but i've still been having contractions at odd times during the day everyday but they arent timable but they are extremely uncomfortable so im going to mention to my doc i suggest you do the same just to be safe. I do know that with 2nd pregnancies you run a higher risk of uterine irratability which is what i believe mine is but i'd call or go to the doc just to be on the safe side. I have an appointment monday so i'll mention mine then! i hope everything goes well for you!
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ReneeErin replied to kate_self_in_love's response:
I've been having the same issue since 24 weeks. I'm on terbutaline every day all day now, and it helps a lot. I'd certainly call and make sure all is well.
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kpaulsen responded:
Thanks so much for everyone's help. I really appreciate it and its nice to know that I am not alone.

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