35 weeks pregnant and having strong burning feeling above my belly button
katmarrujo posted:
Does anyone know what this can be caused by? I know that its most def not heartburn because its a complete different feeling. I get the burning feeling even stronger when I get sick in the morning or when sneezing or coughing, this morning It felt really strong that I almost started crying! Is it just because my stomach is stretching so much, or what can it be!?
ReneeErin responded:
I get it too. I asked and was told it is just stretching. The times you feel it strongly also indicate it is likely stretching. Mine is always worse when I move suddenly or forcefully.
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ChristenMarvin responded:
don't know if I am doing the same as you, but I have a horrible burning at the base of my neck. I've asked my doctor about it and he just felt my thyroid, and then said it was where my stomach was up higher...so idk. He told me to take antacids, they help some. I always feel like im exhailing hot air, bc of the burning. So, i can definately relate to how you feel as far as the burning pain and aggravation goes. Im confident it will all go away when the LO gets here. Good luck!
Perron30 responded:
I get a pain/itch/burn just below my breast where it meets my belly. My DR said it was the stretching/moving of everything. Sometimes it really hurts because my bra hits it but it is more skin deep for me.